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You are ready for a new chair, a new sofa, or a piece of accent furniture for your bedroom. You have an idea and a vision of exactly what this piece will look like. The task doesn’t seem daunting – you simply visit entertainment furniture retailers until you find exactly what you want, right? What if you cannot find exactly what you want? Then, you go online and research furniture ideas here and there, all over the web, hoping to find a picture of the perfect piece. You may find several possibilities, but none of them is exactly right; none of them thoroughly excites you; none of them is exactly what you have envisioned. Do you want to settle for just “okay,” or do you want your perfect idea to become your reality? Pinch Pleat Valance and side panelsThere are two considerations when you envision your ideal piece – structural design and fabric.

  1. Structural design: Is the piece to be contemporary, traditional, formal, casual, etc.? Search through online galleries, read this article and magazines, or go to local furniture galleries. Keep searching until you find exactly the design you want – take a picture or save the image for printing out.
  2. Fabric: There is no way you will be able to research every fabric available. You do, however, have some general ideas – colors, design (floral print, stripe, plaid, geometric, etc.).
Armed with a picture of your design and an idea of fabric genre, it is time to visit a local custom furniture retailer. Here, you will find decorating professionals who can take your “wants” and provide numerous examples of the finished product. Generally, these will be done on the computer, and fabrics will be superimposed on your design, until you reach that “aha” moment. Now, you have found exactly what you want. Most furniture shoppers do not consider custom-made options, because they have the mistaken notion that the furniture will be horribly pricey. This is not the case! Often, a custom-made piece will be little more than one you would find on a showroom floor, and for the small additional cost, you have exactly the piece you have envisioned. And you also have a unique piece, never to be seen elsewhere.   How to find a custom furniture retailer? It’s actually quite easy. You will find a host of local interior décor businesses in your locale. Get on their websites and search for custom-made furniture links. Call them and see how wide-ranged their custom furniture side of the business is. Be certain that they offer the custom production of the piece(s) you want. If they focus primarily on living room furniture, you will not be using them for custom dining sets. Likewise, if their focus is primarily on woods, you will not find the fabric options you may want for chairs and sofas. Look for reviews on the company – a “Google” search may reveal quite a bit. When it comes to custom bed frames you need professionals to get it designed as you need. Custom-made furniture has become a great option for people who want their furnishings to be just right. In fact, it is an exploding business, and, because of this, the costs have become quite competitive. Do your due diligence and find a custom furniture designer that will give you quality and affordability!
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