Five Upcoming Window Treatment Trends for 2019

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When designing your home, you should ensure that each room has a focal point, a spot that draws the eye and connects other design elements in the room. Your windows make the ideal choice for a focal point. They are perfectly placed within the room, offer light and a view, and can be uniquely framed with the right window treatment. Find below the top five upcoming window treatment trends for 2019 so that you can create a fresh, new look for your home.

Go Green

The environmentally friendly movement which you can check this out here, has had an effect on many areas in the world, including in the interior design field. In going green, many companies now offer natural, wooden window treatments. Unfinished wood with noticeable and unique imperfections are gaining popularity. Blinds may be under-processed with a rough, lightly sanded feel. The idea, known as wabi-sabi, is that something with flaws can be displayed as a personal representation of one’s own preferences. Beauty is not in perfection or the mass recreation of a plastic product. Instead, in 2019, we embrace the original and natural-looking aspects of wooden blinds. Expect to see wood blinds in a variety of light or clear stains, lacking the typical processing and paints of the past. Many products reveal the original wood grain, various colorations, and minor blemishes, adding character that is ideal for country or farmhouse style homes. Interestingly, as eco-friendly products gain popularity, these minimalist window treatments will find their way into modern homes aiming for a hygge element.

Organic Materials

In keeping with the natural, eco-friendly window treatments, 2019 will bring about an increase in the use of organic materials, such as bamboo. Since bamboo grows much faster than trees, it is also ecologically friendly, readily available, and inexpensive. Bamboo reeds are highly durable, due in part to their ability to absorb the water in humid areas such as in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in your home. They are also incredibly adaptable, with the ability to be modified easily to fit the needs of your specific situation. Blinds made of bamboo filter light, yet still allow you to see what is going on outside. They add texture and style to any room and can even offer some protection from fading for your belongings. You can also add a blackout liner to completely block out the sun, making them perfect for bedrooms or theater rooms.

Bold Colors

Drapery fabrics are definitely being influenced by Instagram, as people choose their interior decorating style on how well it appears in photos. This season, expect to see an influx of bright, bold colors including basic red and yellow, indigo and cobalt blue, and solid emerald green. These colors stand out and add a feeling of joy and even excitement. People prefer their photos to have backgrounds of one continuous shade, so expect to see solid drapes in bold colors overtaking dark and muted tones as well as busy prints. Expect also to see fabrics that tout Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, which is Living Coral. This bright shade that sits proudly between pink and orange has been described by Pantone as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones.”

Sensory Materials

The new year will bring a rise in popularity for tactile materials, such as tweeds and velvets. This trend is a nod towards textured window treatments, which add dimension to your home’s design. Velvety draperies can fit well with numerous designs styles. A burnt orange or olive green plushy treatment will work well with seventies chic while deep purple or royal red colors represent luxury and glamour. Sensory materials extend to a variety of fabrics for drapes, including:
  • Soft, wispy curtains that are so thin they are almost transparent
  • Heavy drapes in deep colors with thick corded sashes and full tassels
  • Stylish window treatments in bold-colored prints with raised details that make a statement
  • Daring drapery with a tweed texture, tightly woven, to keep a room warm in winter and cool during the summer
  • Silky satin curtains that are soft to the touch in addition to providing a gentle, soothing feeling to any room

Hybrid Fabrics

While there is an immense interest in natural materials, consumers are still craving the performance of man-made synthetics. Natural fabrics are not only beautiful, they are environmentally sustainable and completely renewable. Those who are concerned with the environment may lean towards natural materials over synthetics because they are biodegradable, decomposable, and can be reused or recycled without any harm to the environment. Fabrics which utilize man-made materials, however, often can resist stains, repel wrinkles, and last longer, making them a preferred fabric for window treatments. In 2019, we will see a compromise between natural and synthetic, as people begin to take advantage of hybrid fabrics. Draperies made with hybrid materials allow consumer the performance of synthetics along with the comfort and satisfaction of using natural products. Improvements in technology and design have introduced interesting features to hybrid materials, including anti-microbial, anti-fungal traits that are woven into the fabric to provide a stain- and mold-resistant treatment that is appreciated by allergy sufferers and environmentally conscious individuals alike. If you are planning to redecorate your home or just switch to the latest styles in window treatments, you will be happy to uncover these upcoming trends for 2019. Ranging from Instagram-worthy backdrops to anti-fungal fabrics, you will like both the look and feel of your window treatments, which can be truly unique and represent your style and personality through minor flaws and inexact perfections.
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