Indoor Shutters: A Guide to Their Benefits

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Indoor shutters are becoming increasingly popular for their timeless aesthetic, energy efficiency and light control features. Not just for aesthetics, interior shutters can bring a multitude of benefits to your home - from privacy, insulation and sound absorption to keeping pests away from your windows. If you're considering investing in indoor shutters, this guide will provide an overview of the advantages they offer so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not they are right for your living space.

3 Benefits of Indoor Shutters You Didn't Know About

Interior shutters offer a wide range of benefits, including boosting the aesthetic appeal of your space, increasing privacy, and providing better insulation year-round—all with minimal effort! Let's discuss some of the key advantages that come with installing interior shutters in your home. Shutters Composite Wood Shutters Woodlore 4 003

#1. Regulate Your Lighting Control

First of all, you can use custom indoor shutters in St. Louis to regulate sunlight to suit your household needs. During the changing seasons, this can help save you quite a bit of money. Let the sun pour in on winter mornings to catch the natural heat and light, then close up in the evenings for an added bit of insulation! Or, keep the heat of the day out during those sizzling summer spells. Indoor shutters are also great for ventilation control, as well as privacy control. You can swingyour interior shutter panels open and get an unobstructed view of the great outdoors on a nice balmy day. Otherwise, you can use the tilt rod to position the louvers to any angle you want and direct filtered sunlight up toward the ceiling or down toward the floor for all-natural lighting and precise control without glare from the sun. Never again will you be forced to choose between having your window coverings fully open or closed entirely.

#2. Many Styles and Color Options

While outdoor shutters need to be made of select materials to withstand time and the elements, indoor shutters can come in a wide variety of styles and color options including stained and painted wood for any custom look. Custom indoor shutters can be stained to match other trim in your home, such as cabinetry, trim around your windows, or wood flooring. Otherwise, you can choose a neutral color of paint or a bright color to add interest and depth to your windows as a focal point in any room of your home. Though blinds require unsightly strings and dusty slats which can wear or break easily, shutters are permanent, time-honored alternatives that even add value to your home in the case that you will be selling your home in the future. Shutters Hardwood Shutters Sussex 1 001

#3. Safe and Easy Operation

Shutters come in a range of size options to custom fit almost any window, making installation and maintenance a breeze. Some outdoor shutters are able to be opened and closed, but you’ll never have to worry about replacing old outdoor hardware or upgrading fixtures to have full control over the use of your indoor shutters. A tilt rod to adjust the panels and fully functional hinges to open and close the shutters make using them easy and safe for all members of the family, even children. Interior shutters are also the most sturdily designed window treatment that will withstand the test of time with children and pets. If you do have a big family keeping you busy, or if you simply dread cleaning your window treatments, consider how easy indoor shutters are to clean. Rid yourself of allergens and bacteria with a simple wipe-down instead of battling with other coverings. Shutters have been around for hundreds of years and will continue to endure due to their adaptability, charismatic design, and convenience. As you consider treatments for your ownwindows, make a list of the attributes most important to you. Though it seems one can do no wrong with shutters as a choice, only you know what will best suit your needs!

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