5 Reasons Why You Need Custom Cellular Shades in Your Home

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Cellular shades are commonly referred to as honeycomb shades, pleated shades, and dudettes. Sunshine proudly manufactures custom cellular shades under its own private label and also carries cellular shades from the leading manufacturers of Hunter Douglas and Comfortex Window Fashions. We strive to give you the most choices of shades to suit your exact needs.

The Insulation Factor

One of the best features of cellular shades is the insulation they add to every window in your home. The honeycomb name is because the long, open channels in the shades look much like a bee's honeycomb. This innovative design traps the air next to the window to provide excellent insulation, thereby reducing your electric bills every month of the year. In winter, the cold air is trapped and in summer, the hot air is trapped next to the window and not allowed into your rooms. The R-value is a measurement of the resistance to transfer heat and cold. An average double-glazed window has an R-value of 3.5 and by adding a cellular shade, it rises to approximately an R-value of 7. This means that its insulation factor doubles when added to your windows. Clean Air Doctors official can provide expertise on the same and tell you what is best for you.

Perfect Privacy

Cellular shades offer the supreme privacy level of all shades on your windows. When custom-designed, using a thicker fabric can give you 100 % privacy in any room. Many homeowners love the versatile styles of top-down and bottom-up cellular shades. This allows the shade to be lifted up to the top of the window or lowered down to the windowsill. This is a popular style for bathroom windows as you can let light in at the top of the window while having total privacy on the bottom of the window.

Total Lighting Control

Custom cellular shades can be made from any type of fabric you wish. You can choose a light and airy design, a light fabric with a backing or a thicker fabric to suit your needs. This allows you to choose the exact amount of lighting control in each room of your home. If someone naps during the day, you can consider the outside mounted cellular shades in a thicker fabric to block out all the sunshine. This idea also works well for media rooms so the sun does not reflect off computer screens or television screens and cause a glare.

The Disappearing Shade

The "stack" of a shade of any sort is the amount of area that they take up when they are fully open. Cellular shades have a very small stack that can be behind a custom decorative valance so it appears that they disappeared and are not seen at all to interfere with your view outside.

Child Safety Feature

For child safety, we recommend the cordless feature of cellular shades with no cords for a young child to be accidentally entangled in them. This is a great concern for parents and grandparents alike.
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