The Newest Fall Home Decorating Trends

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In the world of interior design, just as in the world of high fashion, the change of seasons typically means the introduction of a some brand new trends, and this fall is no exception. Designers keep abreast of the changes through national and international trade shows, and then introduce them into projects for their clients. Fortunately, you don't have to hire a designer to be privy to the newest seasonal design ideas, thanks to the wide variety of decorating and design magazines on store shelves. So what's on the radar for this season? Here's a run-down of some of the best fall home trends:

Jewel Colors

Color is driving design this fall -- specifically, rich jewel tones such as emerald-green, sapphire blue, ruby or topaz. You'll see them showing up in upholstered pieces, draperies, decorative accents and on walls.

Touches of Gold

In terms of metallic design, gold has officially replaced silver as an accent in stylish rooms this fall. Subtle hints of gold are appearing as accessories such as throw pillows, in wall coverings, lamps and light fixtures, furniture, and draperies.

Organic Materials and Texture

Designers say we'll see a movement towards organic materials such as wood, wicker, rattan and stone as well as lots and lots of texture. The organic trend will also encompass shape, as seen in more modern kitchen designs or in free-form sink shapes.


The geometric craze will show up everywhere from carpets and area rugs, to wall coverings, window treatments, accent pieces, and even kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Gray and More Gray

light-gray-window-treatment-bedroom-transitional-with-mirrored-nightstands-gray-headboardYou've heard of Fifty Shades of Gray? Well it's more like 50,000 shades of gray in terms of how popular and trendy the color has become this fall. Gray walls, gray tiles, gray carpeting, gray drapes and shades, even monochromatic all-gray rooms (with lots of texture and gradations of gray) will be seen in the trendiest homes this season and into the next. When it comes to cleaning you can rely on Carpet Cleaning Columbia SC to do a good job.

Nature Themed Wallpaper

Expect large patterns, flowers, trees, birds, branches, fruits -- anything inspired by nature to adorn wallpaper this season. The "hints of gold" trend will show up in Chinoiserie designs too.

Matte Finishes

No more shiny surfaces, say the pros. Matte finishes are the newest trend from metal items such as faucets to walls, cabinetry and counter tops. Matte black is an especially chic option.

Plush Pillows and Blankets

Here's a trend anyone can embrace as the days grow shorter and the fall "nip" sets in. Bring on the plush pillows and thick, soft blankets in fabrics like faux fur, cable-knit and velvet, and don't worry about overdoing it -- the more the better!

Layer Your Rugs

As colder weather sets in, layering rugs brings added warmth to cold floors, but also warms things up psychologically, creating a hunkered-down, cozy feeling when the trees lose their leaves and things start looking stark outdoors.

Americana Farmhouse Style

It's easy to see why this style would be popular in the fall, incorporating warm wood, weathered surfaces, animal motifs and fresh fall flowers make your home look and feel snug and cozy.

Final Thoughts

Bear in mind that you needn't try to embrace all of the fall trends. Just take some of the elements you like and leave the rest. Even small touches are often enough to freshen the look of a room and embrace the cooler temperatures. People traditionally get a little more heavy-handed with fabric in cooler seasons to warm things up both for practical reasons and to enhance mood. It makes perfect sense to layer your bed, add cozy throws to the sofa or a reading nook, and add heavier drapes or lined shades to windows for warmth and insulation. The important thing is to enjoy feathering your fall nest, whether the changes you make are big or small!
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