What Treatment is Best for a Non-Square Window?

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Ok, so you have a new home. Maybe its brand spanking new and you move in to the beautiful surroundings and smell of your new “palace”. You are getting settled and all of a sudden, you realize the sun is just beaming in that really neat odd shape window you had the contractor make for you. It could be a round window…maybe a transom…an octagon shape window or even a brow window - something that's a non square window like normal ones. There just are so many neat shapes that new builders make with windows. However, that sun is coming in hard at certain times of day especially in the East and West exposure. You can’t take it but have no earthly clue how to cover. transom windowThe answer lies within the window treatment industry. I am here to say that the best solution is in the form of a plantation shutter! That’s right - plantation shutters can be made to fit every “odd” window imaginable. I have seen blinds as well as cellular shades too and these certainly can offer an option. But the unsquare window needs some love and the best form of this is a shutter blind. The final product just speaks for itself.   But what if you just don’t want to cover this window...you just cannot fathom having something covering what you wanted to see. Another alternative that somewhat can help is having window film. Window film will allow the home to be protected from the UV rays and actually help cool things down. Remember, window coverings or window film offer protection and really help the electric and gas bills on those hot or cold days. Window film as well as shutters or any window coverings will not only help with the energy bills, but it protects your furniture, wood floors and carpeting. What window film will not do is stop the sun from beaming in and you must determine what you are trying to achieve. If it is to stop the sun from hitting down on your television, then window film in itself is not going to do the trick and a window covering like a shutter will. Let an experienced decorator assist you with your options. You did not skimp out on buying the home, so make sure you look to protect what’s inside of it too.

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