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New parents have a lot to think about when it comes to getting their house ready for a new baby. And parents of older kids know how important it is to have the whole house be inviting and kid-friendly. That's why thinking about window coverings shouldn't be the last thing on your parenting "to do" list. At Sunshine Drapery, we have years of experience helping parents pick out the best products for their growing families. One of the products we often recommend are ourroller and screen shades. What makes roller shades and screen shades (similar to roller shades but that let in more light) so perfect for families with young children? Here are 4 reasons:

Make Indoor Play More Fun

Some days it's simply too hot or too sunny for kids to play outside in the middle of the day. If the windows in your house have screen shades on them, your kids can play inside in the sunshine while still being protected from the harshestlight as well as harmful UV rays. Also, your kidsmay be more interested in reading if their eyes not blindedbybright sunlight. With a screen shade, you can still see outside and light still filters inside, but everything looksmore soft and inviting.

Darker Room for Children's Sleep

admin-ajax (10)Babies have internal clocks that are very much guided by times of lightness and times of darkness. One of the best ways to gently maneuver sleeping and waking times is to adjust lightness and darkness in thenursery or bedroom.If you have an early-waking baby, installing blackout roller shades that completely block out early morning sunlight may be the trick to getting your baby to sleep past sunrise. And if you have a baby that just won't settle down at night, blackout roller shades can block the light that triggers them to stay awake later. Roller shades with a blackout feature areone of the best investments a new, sleep-deprived parent can make!  

Simple and Streamlined: Perfect for Small Child's Bedroom

As a parent, there are enough safety hazards lurking around the house. Roller shades offer a streamlined look without yards of fabric for kids to pull on or play with. We also offer options for cordless and motorizedshades, which take safety precautions to a whole new level.

Perfect Decor for a Modern Nursery

We are seeing a trend for modern and minimalist rooms for babies. Think light gray, simple animal silhouettes, and low-profile furniture for cribs, dressers, and rocking chairs. Our selection of roller shades compliments this design perfectly. Plus, our roller shades can be layered with additional features like floor-to-ceiling curtain panels if there is a favorite fabric you want to bring into your decor. Or, we also make custom valences to add a little something special to a simple roller shade.
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