Roman Shade Changes Help Prevent Child Strangulation

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Sadly, over the years there have been multiple child strangulation deaths due to cord issues in our industry. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has actively been involved in putting requirements to make manufacturers accountable and eliminate features that could cause the death of a child. One of the most popular window treatments that consumers like to put in their homes are roman shades. Playing with the window blinds.-7Roman shades are produced from every leading manufacturer in the industry like Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, Levolor/Kirsch just to name a few.Custom Drapery workrooms also make roman shades using decorating fabric. Up until a few years ago, all of these companies never would have even thought the roman shade would be an issue for potential strangulation. However, it was because the cord system in the back of the shade allowed the opportunity for a young child to put his/her head in between and get tangled. Roman shades are very labor intensive and require a lot of string and a lock system in the back of the shade to hold the shade together. These companies have since developed various ways to protect the child from getting their head tangled in the cords. Some companies have gone to what I will call a shroud system. For lack of better words, it is a very giving piece of material that covers the cords in the back and offers protection. Every day the process of making the roman shade as well as any type of blind or shade is under a lot of scrutiny to make sure it is safe.   If child safety is an issue for you as a consumer and you love the roman shade look, then you should consider ordering cordless roman shades. In fact, some vendors even offer top down bottom up cordless shades!!! Bottom line is that roman shades are great window treatments offered by many and you shouldn’t have to worry about a young child getting strangled in your purchase for your windows.

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