5 Simple Changes to Make Your Home Feel Like Summer

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While it's wonderful if you can take on a whole house redo at the beginning of summer and have your whole house summer-fied, it's not always possible. After all, you want to enjoy the summer, not spend it re-hauling your home. Need some tips on decorating simply for summer? Here are a few things that you can do to make it feel as if you've redone your entire home while not letting the projecttake overyour whole schedule.


Does anything say summer like light, beautiful new bedding? Choosing a new duvet cover or complete bed set, you'll feel like summer every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed. Looking for inspiration? Check out Pinterest for the latest in summer looks, or our galleryof custom bedding. Whether you optto go for the cool, light blues, or the colorful tones of a bright pattern, you're sure to feel summery.


Swapping out your drapery is one of the easiest things you can do to change the overall appearance of your home for summer. You can take a room of any color and instantly change the mood by simply taking down those heavy, dark curtains and putting up something light and airy. What are the trends this year?
  • In the Living Room--Mix and match drapery patterns for a light, playful feel. Rather go for a solid color? Coral or blue are hot colors for the living room this year.
  • In the Bedroom--It's all about light, airy colors in the bedroom this year. Lush linen in white will make the summer breezes feel even more playful. Soft rose will give the room a romantic feel.
  • In the Dining Room--Greyswith geometric patterns will soften the sun while you dine.cf_decatur_01
Whatever you choose for your summer draperies, the tones are light and airy.


Pillows as an accessory for the season are often overlooked. We get used to whatever we have, and accept it as if it were a piece of furniture. However, pillows can make a world of difference. For summer, try swapping out your usual couch pillows for something jazzy. Blues and golds can liven up a space without being too over-the-top. Alternatively, go all out and get the wildest pillows you can find. When you accent with pillows, you are taking zero risk, and adding in some super dazzling colorscan feel super summery.  


The kind of light you let into the room in summer should be different from the light you want in winter. While you want as much light as possible in winter, summer is about mood, but not heat. How do you accomplish this? With the right kind of shade, you can allow ambient light during the heat of the day, and still open up the window when you want that full summer morning and evening light.


Here's the one idea that you won't trade back out in winter. That's because shutters are a good idea all year round, and if you haven't gotten indoor shutters yet, you will love them this summer. In summer, they will block the worst heat of the day, and add a fresh new look to your home. (In winter, they will help keep out any cool air while allowing light to come in!) We hope you've gotten some inspiration on how to give your home a super summer look. With just a few interchangeable ideas, you can give your home a whole new feel!
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