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Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home or office for lovely views of a nighttime sky. However, in the daytime, they let in a lot of heat and it can feel like a hot fire in the summer. Skylight coverings are becoming more popular as there are new additions to the market. Skylights are an architectural design that allows you to let more of the outside world inside. They give you great natural lighting and warmth to your favorite areas of your home. Most people, whether in a business setting or their home, leave the skylights uncovered to enjoy the beautiful light, however, in the heat of the summer, this also lets in hot temperatures that will dictate that you need more air conditioning to cope with it. There are new and innovative coverings that are simple to operate on the market to increase your functionality on your skylights.

The Old School Skylight Covers

The first skylight covers were made in the style of a blind or shade. To operate the window coverings, you had a really long pole of 10 or more feet long in order to open and close them. It's hard to reach up so high and see clearly what you are doing to guide the hook on the pole to the correct place to operate your covers. Other versions had really long dangling cords to operate them as you wood a blind, but this posed a strangling threat to small children. These can both be a frustrating manner to either open your skylight for more light or close it when it allows too much sun into your home. Most people would open and close their skylights at least twice a day or more. When open at night you have a great view of the star-spangled sky to add ambiance to your space. Many people just gave up on having their skylights covered and just let them stay open at all times while putting up with the excessive heat in their homes in the summer and extra cold air in the winter. The bright sunlight and its UV rays beaming in on furniture will also fade all of your home furnishings as well as increase your heating and cooling costs all year round. It can get expensive to replace faded carpets, furniture and other types of flooring before their lifespan. Newer versions are on the market to choose from so you can find a solution that is truly innovative and easy to use.

Meet the New School Skylight Covers

Newer model skylight window coverings are available in motorized window treatments. These models are a great solution to all of your lighting needs associated with skylights. You can enjoy the natural lighting, adjust the heat level inside your space and also adjust your view to the great outdoors all with the push of a button. Motorized window coverings can operate by a wall switch, from a remote control or from any device that you place an app on, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can click here now to learn ways to program your skylight covers to automatically open or close, fully or partially at pre set times. You will likely not even realize that the shades are moving because the mechanism is very quiet and fluid.

A Vast Array of Skylight Covering Choices

There are many different types of skylight covers from which to choose, just as you have many choices of window treatments. Skylight covers fit inside the window casing for a smooth and minimalist appearance. You can match them to your existing window treatments or choose an entirely different approach.

Screen Shades

Screen shades are becoming vastly popular in both homes and businesses with skylights. They soften the view to the outside while they still invite the outdoors inside. You can choose from a huge range of opacities to bring in the exact level of light you need and want while blocking the heat out of your spaces. Screen shades are also a great solution to protect all of your furnishings from harmful UV rays while cutting down the glare on televisions, computers, laptops and other devices for less eyestrain.

Roman Shades

Roman window shades are a timeless and classical window treatment style that isn't a trend to go out of style. You have complete control over the fabric you choose to have your Roman shade made when you order custom skylight covers. Roman shades give you the ultimate in lighting control as you can choose the thickness of the fabric from the thinnest sheers to the thickest and more luxurious fabrics to use as a blackout shade on your skylight. When skylight Roman shades are closed, they trap the heat of the sunlight next to the window and don't allow it to enter the room, thus giving you an energy efficient choice. You can choose a close-knit fabric with a liner to be room darkening and block out all the light when they are closed. Alternatively, you may choose a blackout material or a thermal liner on your Roman skylight covers.

Cellular Shades

Cellular motorized skylight shades are a great solution for light and heat control. They have a honeycomb design with little pockets that trap the heat from the sun against your skylight to help with energy efficiency and protect your indoor furnishings. There is a vast array of fabrics to choose from in different pleat sizes, textures, and colors.

Enlist a Professional for Skylight Covers

Covering a skylight is much more difficult than choosing your own window treatments. They are unforgiving on the measurements and even a slight variation of 1/4 inch will cause you a big headache, as they won't work properly. It's best to enlist the help of a professional blind and shade company that specializes in automation for your skylight. They will send out a professional designer to help you decide which type of skylight cover best suits your needs. After the consultation, an installer will measure the skylight and make a template with the exact measurements. Then the skylight cover is manufactured and the installer returns to professionally install it and educate you on how the motorization works. You have the most choices when you choose a fabric shade or a screen shade on your skylight. The fabric you select can be low key and blend in with your paint on the ceiling, or you can choose something bright and beautiful to match your accent color in a room and make your architectural design stand out as a focal point when closed.
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