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Sliding glass doors add a bit of elegance and style to any home. However, sometimes they can be difficult to cover with a window treatment that fits the unique features of these doors. Many people resort to old-fashioned vinyl vertical blinds, but there are other options. Due to the high-traffic nature of sliding glass doors, it’s important to use window coverings that open and close easily and can withstand the constant use without breaking or falling. You should also consider the amount of light and privacy you’d like to remain, so that the shades you select provide the right amount of control for both options.


Shades offer a wide selection of materials that can be customized to fit any space. Plus, they offer privacy, light control, and glare reduction, making your room more comfortable and stylish. Both roller shades and solar shades offer the durability needed for sliding glass doors in addition to being easy to raise and lower. Select solar shades if reducing glare and blocking UV rays is important, such as in rooms with televisions or computer screens. One nice benefit of solar shades is that they are available in a variety of transparencies, which block out up to 90% of UV rays, yet still allow you to maintain the view of your yard. Roller shades also offer a variety of materials and transparencies for your sliding glass door. They are available in light filtering, blackout, and different print options that will match your home’s personality.


Vertical blinds are another option as an alternative to drapery that offers durability, beauty, and privacy. This option is effective for large windows and sliding glass doors, which let in the sun, often magnifying the sun’s rays and causing an unsightly glare. Installing vertical blinds can reduce the dazzling rays and provide the ability to control the level of light permitted into the room. In warmer months, rooms often become overheated quickly when exposed to direct sunlight; however vertical blinds can close off the window, cooling the room considerably. Save energy and lower your utility bills, saving up to twenty percent of ventilation services on your electric and air conditioning costs. During the winter, closing the vertical blinds can prevent the escape of heat, lowering fuel costs as well. Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors can also control the UV rays that enter your home. UV rays can damage furniture, pictures, and other belongings if not properly controlled. Keep your fabrics and photos looking like new for longer with vertical blinds.


Drapery is always a stylish and sensible option for sliding glass doors. Drapes can come in a myriad of styles, fabrics, and colors, so there is practically an endless supply of possibilities to match your room’s personality. You can choose from natural or synthetic fabrics, each of which offers its own benefits and styles.

Natural fabrics include:

  • Cotton: The most durable of the natural fabrics, it breathes well and is great for summer months.
  • Linen: This fabric is stain resistant, but does have a tendency to wrinkle.
  • Silk: Silk may be a bad choice for sliding glass doors in direct sunlight, as it is prone to sun damage; however, when used with a liner, makes an elegant statement.
  • Wool: Wool is thick and durable, which makes it an excellent choice for cooler weather climates.

Synthetic fabrics include:

  • Rayon: This fabric choice is best used with a liner to prevent shrinkage during times of high humidity.
  • Acrylic: This durable synthetic fabric is both stain- and sun-resistant, making it perfect as a liner paired with a natural fabric curtain.
  • Nylon: Probably the most durable of the synthetic fabrics, Nylon is stain-proof and shock-proof.
  • Acetate: This soft fabric resists wrinkles and makes a great choice for sliding glass door drapery.
  • Drapery options are both beautiful and functional, making them an ideal solution for sliding glass doors.

Motorized Options

Motorized window treatment options are available to offer convenience, provide ease of access, and address safety concerns. These selections are opened and closed by a motor at the touch of a button that is controlled by radio frequency or infrared signals via a wall switch, computer, cell phone, or remote control. Many new homes are built with an abundance of windows to let in both light and air. It can be inconvenient to have to individually raise, lower, or tilt window treatments at each and every window. With motorized window treatments, you can easily and conveniently operate a single or all of your blinds with one controller. A separate, but just as important, issue is that some homes have windows that are hard to reach or completely inaccessible without the use of a ladder. Multi-storied windows and high ceiling rooms may contain window treatments that are difficult to reach; however, with motorized shades, blinds, or drapes, one can still operate those hard-to-access window treatments. Consumers who are elderly or handicapped will also benefit from the motorization of their window coverings. If you have children or pets, you are aware of the dangers of dangling cords. Not to mention that cords are unattractive.

Sliding Glass Door Window Treatment Options

Your home is your refuge, so properly covering your windows and sliding glass doors is of utmost importance for your comfort and relaxation. Take into consideration not only the beauty and style, but also the purpose. Do the window treatments block UV rays? Do they provide privacy and control of light levels? Are they easy to clean? These are all features that should be taken into account prior to purchase. When installing your draperies, you must also take into account the hardware and curtain rods, which can affect the final appearance and custom style. Choose from different designs and finishes to make your whole window treatment come together with the style and personality that makes your room complete.
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