Snuggle Up! Making the Bedroom Cozy for the Winter

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There is nothing quite like snuggling up in a warm bed on a cold winter's night. Unfortunately, many bedrooms lack the proper elements to make them a cozy place to be. This is no good at all. After all, everyone needs a place to go sip a mug of hot cocoa during a winter storm or watch a good TV show after a long day of shoveling snow. If you are interested in making your bedroom the warmest, snuggliest place in your home, read on. Below we have compiled a list of the very best bedroom decor items and ideas for making your bedroom look and feel like a warm haven even during the coldest winter nights.

Warm Colors

Nothing warms up a room quite like the proper coloring. Greens and blues may be soothing shades, but they also bring a cold feeling into the room that can be downright unpleasant during the coldest times of year. For this reason, anyone with "cold"-colored walls should seriously consider bringing out the paint to cover their walls in the warm glow of orange, red, yellow, or even beige.

Soft Light

Harsh lights can make a room feel very stark. This is certainly not what anyone is going for, and most definitely won't make a room feel inviting or cozy. To remedy this, add shades to unshaded lamps, avoid using overhead lights, make sure to useonly "soft white" bulbs in every light fixture, and use candles throughout the room. This is a very simple way to warm up a cold space in no time at all.

New Bedding

Of course, bedding plays a big role in keeping you warm on those freezing cold nights. If your current bedding is one of the cold colors mentioned above, make sure to switch it out for something a bit warmer in color. Additionally, looking for down comforters and flannel sheets can add a bit more warmth to your bed. This is perfect, because your bed should be a haven to escape from the world.

Avoid Angles

Rearrange your furniture in such a way that sharp angles and lines are minimized. For instance, some pieces of furniture might be pushed into a corner at an angle in order to soften the shape of the room. Chairs should not be pushed against walls, but should be pulled out to create small seating areas or reading nooks. Try to think about making the space inviting and soft rather than modern and rigid.

Plush Rugs

Hard flooring in a bedroom can allow heat to escape more quickly, and frankly, it just isn't all that pleasant to walk on. This is especially true in the early morning when you have to hop out of bed for work. You can fix this issue by adding plush rugs to the floor. Several small rugs will do the job, as will one large area rug. The important thing is that your floor covering is soft, warm, and pleasant on the feet.

Blackout Curtains

Much of the heat in our homes is lost through the windows. Blackout window treatments can help prevent this from happening by offering added insulation in the window areas. Additionally, blackout curtains block out unwanted, stark light from outside your house. This can be quite helpful if you are looking to light your room in the warmest, softest way possible. Blackout curtains come in a wide variety of types and colors (not just black), so you can choose the fabric that works best with the new look of your bedroom.


If you are on a mission to make your bedroom an inviting oasis of relaxation, these tips should help you accomplish your mission quickly and easily. Never again will you dread walking into your bedroom; instead, it will become your new favorite place.
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