Summer in the City: Decorating Tips for Your Home in the Summer

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Summer means fun, swimming pools, fireflies, and grilling on the deck using new grates and grills. Most people put away the dark heavy winter colors and pull out the light bright summer colors. Throw pillows, crocheted throws on back of the sofa and dark heavy draperies come down. In their place are put light colored thin materials for draperies, blinds and shades or perhaps plantation shutters in bright whites. However, that’s not all there is to decorating. We’ve thought of some decorating tips for your home in the summer that might help.

Cool Shadows

A cool arbor, a ship in full sail or an oasis in the desert comes to mind when the subject of cool shadows comes up. Create one of your own with sailcloth, netting anchored by decorative starfish and round flotation devices attached to the sailcloth. Raise all this on poles over your outdoor room or patio. You can even opt for using Gazebos to which you can find the best ones on this patio reviews website. Finish it off with Mason or Ball jars filled with sand and pebbles or white sugar with lemons and limes. A centerpiece on your outdoor table made of a bowl filled with shells and pretty stones around a pillar candle would carry on the marine motif. The idea is to let the imagery of your decorating items manifest your cool arbor or oasis. You can even utilize books and albums in these concept. If you have a lot of photos lying around that are not in an album, you might want to have it printed in a book or an album by PrintedMemories. They help preserve great memories of the past. Check out their designs and themes from valentines to best friends photo books.

Summer Colors

HTB1ICVdIVXXXXabXpXXq6xXFXXX9Get out the paint sprayer, because you’ll need cooler colors for summer. Mint greens, stark white and the palest of blues and grays are trending now in wall colors. When that’s done, you should feel much cooler, because cool shades do not hold the heat. Here is where cool colored furnishings, pillows and throws either matching or contrasting your colors come in handy. We know it’s no fun trying to relax on materials that hold the heat, so that your arm is sweating on the arm of the sofa. Furnishings covered in light colored fabrics offer a cool oasis for warm family members.

Light & Bright

When you hang your light fluffy curtains or sheers, make sure the sun shining into the room doesn’t melt the paint on your paintings. Protect them behind UV glass or move them all together into another room not hit so hard by the heat. Here is where light bright prints on tapestries or acrylic surfaces come into their own: the heat can’t affect them. Lots of greenery such as grasses, ferns, leafy stems and vines, whether real or silk, in baskets, bottles, boxes, vases, old-fashioned milk cans, pails (the metal kind once used for carrying water) or even ceramic tea pots adds the impression of coolness. Summer blooms can be added to the overall look to produce further imagery of cool gardens in the dusk of the day. Our favorites are carnations, daisies, lavender hydrangea, geraniums and tea roses.  

Bring out the Fans

What do glasses or decorative vases filled with colored acrylic stones, sewing or clipping silk colored butterflies to sheers or draperies and glass cake plates filled with flowers have in common? They are the colors of summer, of cool glasses of lemonade, of petals floating in the pool and of the delicacy of butterflies. While you’re plotting colors, fabrics and gathering cool glasses, remember another sort of imagery: fans. They can be any size, from the fans ladies used at Tara to huge fans on long stems. Mount them on the walls, put them in a large bottle or can like you would umbrellas or suspend them from the ceiling in strategic spots. Additionally, the product from a ceiling fan only reaches about two feet from the fan. If you mount ceiling fans around the furnishings, you’ll remain cool day or night in the summer in the city. Making summer fun with beautiful window treatments is our specialty. We hope these decorating tips makes your summer beautiful.
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