Ways to Have A Summer State Of Mind

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Summer has arrived! That means it’s time for summer-state-of-mind home style trendsas patio and backyard entertaining picks up pace. Versatile summer decor embraces the sun and indoor/outdoor entertaining opportunities.

Bringing the Outside In

Although there are many ways you can use flowers, we thought of a unique way. Use edible flowers in attractive floraldisplays as well as integrating them into a dinner party menu. Instead of just having them on the dinner table, have them as a part of the dinner! Eight flowers that are as delicious as they are decorative:
  • Chamomile -Delicate white blossoms with yellow centers offer light, summery flavor to whipped cream toppings and perfect summer color to arrangements.
  • Squash Blossoms – If you are a patio or backyard gardener and proudly pluck your own squash fresh off the vine, don’t leave behind any spent blossoms. They provide a savory flavor to fried dishes and also make interesting texture additions to a dish of potpourri.
  • Marigolds – The vibrant golds and yellows of marigolds make a stunning summer statement whether in a floral arrangement or a green salad ensemble.
  • Roses – Romantic occasions would not be complete without a few roses in a vase as well as a sprinkling of delectable rose petals on sweet treats. When using them to accent a dessert, brush the petals lightly with egg white, sprinkle on a bit of sugar and allow to completely dry.
  • Nasturtium – Who knew this golden, trumpet style blossom could be so tasty with chocolate? For a really wicked twist, pull a few from your floral display and adorn a spicy, bowl of chili.
  • Lilacs – These understated beauties not only freshen the eye on a hot, summer day, but when frozen in ice cubes make a bold statement in refreshing drinks.
  • Hibiscus – The showy blooms of hibiscus are gorgeous in centerpieces. They can also steal the show as an earthy addition to a pitcher of lemonade.
  • Chive Blossom – Often, chives are only thought of as a bit of crunchy green in a salad. However, they have cute, little pom-pom blossoms that look fantastic when half a dozen or so are placed in a bud vase. The buds also create a perfect infusion of flavor with a splash of vinegar over grilled fish.

decorative-white-porch-curtain-galleryWorking on the Inside

Color is one of the easiest ways to transition from season to season. Even if you can’t completely refurnish your home, you can add seasonal color appeal to announce to all guests and residents that summer has officially arrived indoors and out. In addition to the color punch of flowers, whether in a vase or on a plate, try color introduction through the following décor mediums to transform your winter setting to a lighter and brighter summer theme:
  • Throw Pillows – No matter what color or pattern, any sofa can be brightened up with color coordinating throw pillows. Don’t stop there, chairs and beds as well could do with a bit of summer color.
  • Decorative Vases – Rather than use clear or dark colors, opt for colored glass in shades of turquoise or amber.
  • Organics – To bring the freshness of the outdoors indoors, use a large shell as a planter for miniature succulents.
  • The View -This summer let in the light. Open up window treatments and reconfigure seating arrangements. This will allow you to enjoy the view of flower beds in full bloom and the mischievous activities of busy squirrels and active birds.
  • Lighting – A summer state of mind usually means backyard barbecues or patio picnics. Embrace the space completely as entertaining hours extend past sunset. Add colorful paper lanterns or cozy tabletop candles in addition to torches and citronella flames that keep away pests
Rethink your home and outdoor entertaining spaces this summer. Transition into bright colors that are inspired by the warmth of summer sunshine. Welcome the season as warmly as you welcome your guests.
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