Sunshine Pink and Red in Harmony: How to Bring Pink and Red into Your Home

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Many home decorators shy away from using pink and red in their decor. However, interior decorators have some tips on how to incorporate these colors into your home and not over do it.

Pink and Red in Harmony: How to Bring Pink and Red into Your Home

When most people think of pink and red colors, they are thinking of Valentines Day colors that shouldn't remain in a home all year round. You can find many different tones of pink and red that don't have to be super bright or stand out on their own. These two colors should be used in smaller areas so as not to overwhelm the eyes of all who enter a room in your home. Read on to find out how to add these beautiful colors for accents in your home decor.

Rich Red Tones

When decorating with a rich red that is a darker tone of the red spectrum, a little goes a long way. One of the awesome qualities of rich red is that it carries a lot of weight all on its own due to the rich and dark shade of red. You only need a bit of rich red to make a huge impression. Consider a home office with the addition of red paint on the bookshelves, not the entire shelving units but only the rear horizontal portion of each shelf. This will give an immense depth to the shelves and a rich background that will highlight all items on the shelves.

Millennial Pink and Rusty Red

So a little goes a long way, but what if you want an entire room to pop with color? You can paint the walls in a living room in millennial pink and add a rusty shade of red couch. This shade of pink is not particularly bright but more subdued, so it can actually be on the walls in a rectangular shaped room. It makes a bold statement without clashing and it gives your space an eye-catching pop of personality in the same room.

A Mixture of Pink and Red

It's old outdated advice that tells you that pink and red can't live together in harmony. You can mix the two colors on one single item in an eclectic design for a pairing with an incredibly dynamic design in your home. Consider using this combination on a dining room set of chairs. In eclectic design, dining room chairs will not all match. Some may be shaped differently, have backs or not or be a bar stool design. The key here is to have some of them professionally upholstered in a pink decorative and patterned fabric with red trim around the seat. The remaining chairs can be solid colored in a light and dusty, matching country pink.

A Red Statement Wall

If you want to make a stunning statement, try a rich red statement wall in any room of your home. When using a darker or bolder color on a statement wall, you should choose one of the smaller walls in a room so it doesn't overwhelm the entire room. It instantly renews the energy in any space and makes such a strong impact so you won't need as much decor for creating a visual intrigue in your decor.

Choose Unconventional Pinks

When you are considering purchasing a new sofa or having a great old one reupholstered to appear new, you likely don't think of a sofa being pink. If you have a room with mostly a neutral color palette, you can consider a pink sofa that is rich with jewel tones to make a surprisingly chic and contemporary living room.

Bathroom Decor

Most people just don't realize how much impact your bath towels can have in a small space. When you use a towel bar mounted on the wall, you can hang towels in shades of pink and red on it and it instantly become bathroom decor. Make sure that they are folded neatly so they hang correctly from the towel bar, otherwise instead of decor they will just appear to be a hot mess.

Office Furniture

Most all homes have a home office of sorts these days. It may have actually been more of a library in the beginning, but with the digital age, you would be more likely to see a desk, chair and a computer in this area today. Just as new towels can lend a hand to a bathroom in being decor, a new chair can revive the appearance of any home office. Instead of just opting for the regular old black or brown leather chair, think of showcasing a mid-century design or any design you love in an uplifting pink hue that is subtle. This makes a perfect union of both form and fashion and works on any type of chair. Home offices don't have to be stuffy and boring, but they should showcase your sense of style, just as the entire home does.

Add a Red Rug

If you want to add a red accent to a room that is timeless and always in style, then you can't go wrong with a red patterned floor rug. The bright colors will energize your space with rich and saturated hues and at the same time, it makes your space more sophisticated and timeless. Red floor rugs are not just the for living room, but they work well in any space in your home that you want to spruce up a bit.

Fresh Flowers

One of the finest and most sophisticated items you can add in decor to any room is fresh flowers. They always make a gorgeous accent no matter what your decor style is. You can treat yourself to a fresh bouquet to add life and polish to your room. It's best to select larger blooms in pink and red or solely in one of these colors to get the most bang for your buck. Select cut flowers that are long lasting and you won't need to change them out as often. No matter what the old wives tales are, pink and red make great colors for accents in any room of your house. You can mix and match them or choose just one small item per room in a rich red or velvety pink to make a great statement.
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