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When decorating your home, it’s fun to make it your own with a unique style that matches your personality. When it comes to window treatments, you have many options from which to choose, including custom drapery, shades, shutters, and blinds. People often wonder if it’s acceptable to mix and match window treatments - and if so, how? Whether your room has equal-sized windows or ones of different shapes and sizes, you can certainly choose to cover them with different treatments. While you want to make sure that the coverings are complementary to each other, the end result will certainly offer unparalleled beauty. When choosing your home’s window treatments, there are no rules about mixing and matching different offerings. It’s truly about creating a look that appeals to you. Use the guidelines below to help you create a coordinating style that you love. If you ever end up having an accident and need to replace a window, then consider contacting these window replacement services for professional assistance.

Sheers and Shutters

Hardwood indoor shutters offer an often-overlooked option for adding elegance and artistry to any room. Functionally, they provide you with light control options, enabling you to open or close the slats to the light level you prefer, as well as privacy when preferred. Try adding sheer linen curtains over indoor shutters for a classy style with a touch of color. Choose from fabrics which match the current color scheme of the room, or perhaps in a pastel equivalent of the main hue. For larger windows which let in plenty of light, you can utilize white sheers to create a clean, brisk look that adds a stunning design element to any room. You can also vary the hardwood shade of the shutters, selecting from a range of hues, to increase your style options. Dark wood colors offset whites and pastels to make your windows truly pop.

Blackout Drapes and Sheer Panels

Drapes offer a classic style that is both decorative and functional. When drawn, they provide privacy from passers-by, insulate against temperature extremes, and offer soundproofing against loud noises. Drapery adds a softness to a room that cannot be achieved by blinds, shutters, or shades, creating a warm and cozy feel. Depending on how they are hung, curtains can create the appearance of a larger or smaller space, opening up small spaces and drawing in large ones. Custom drapery is available in a wide selection of colors, prints, and patterns, enabling you to add drama to any room. Blackout drapes are particularly helpful for bedrooms or family rooms. In your bedroom, you can draw closed the drapes before bed to create a darkened atmosphere ideal for sleeping. When you and your family are watching movies in the family room or den, you can close the drapes to prevent a glare on your television screen, making the perfect theater atmosphere. However, at times, you may wish to lighten up your rooms and let in some sunlight. Layering your window treatments with sheer panels along with your blackout drapes provides that option. Use two curtain rods, placing the sheers closest to the window and then the drapes. This will allow you to independently draw or close each window treatment. Your room will be airy and light when your drapes are opened, yet still provide a level of privacy through the translucent curtains.

Roman Shades and Draperies

For an eye-catching design, try layering Roman shades with draperies. These two window treatments, when paired together, add depth to your windows while counteracting each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Roman shades lie flat against the window frame or are available in soft pleats, blocking out light and adding privacy. You can choose from a variety of fabric styles, which add a unique look when paired with solid, neutral drapes. Roman shades can leave gaps along the edges, allowing light to filter into your room. Adding side panels can block the gaps and provide complete darkness to any room. You may also choose to select corresponding fabrics for your shades and drapes. When your shades are closed, your window dressings will create a stunning focal point to your room. Grommet Drapes

Cellular Shades and Grommet Drapes

For a trendy, modern look, try mixing cellular shades with grommet drapes on classy, metal hardware. Cellular shades are an excellent window treatment option due in part because of their versatility. They can be customized with different pleat sizes, various colors, and many textures to create a look that is unique to your home and your personality. They help with privacy when lowered and can be raise to let in light. There are some smart solutions provided by Maverick Windows that you can check out. Grommet drapes are also available in a variety of styles and colors, making them easy to match with your cellular shades. This style of drapery is hung by passing the rod through the grommets - or metal eyelets - along the top of the curtain. This method of hanging the drapes allows the fabric to fall in clean folds, creating a layered look. Combining cellular shades and grommet drapes provides depth and color to your windows. They are easy to use and allow you many options for functionality. You can open or close the curtains, themselves, or you may wish to utilize the top-down/bottom-up feature of cellular shades to allow light from the top of your window while still ensuring privacy by keeping the bottom half closed.

Wood Blinds and Cornice

Many people overlook the beautiful and practical window treatment option available in a cornice. Window cornices can make a bland room appear stately. They appear as part of the woodwork and can be used to hide window hardware, in addition to offering shelving space for unique collectibles or family heirlooms. Cornices are a great choice for smaller rooms, because they can be designed to draw the eye upwards, making the room feel larger. A table saw could be the most beneficial tool when you choose to do the work by yourself, as it can make the shaping and sizing of these wooden cornices less strenuous. When paired with wooden blinds, cornices can truly add character to any room. Both window treatments are available in a variety of wooden hues, so matching the style and color is not difficult. A cornice can hide the blinds when they are drawn up, providing a light and airy demeanor. Together, they provide a dignified appearance, making them ideal for a formal dining room.

Tips for Mixing Window Treatments

The above suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of options for mixing window treatments in your home. When trying something new, consider the following tips for mixing blinds, shades, drapes, and shutters.
  • Keep it neutral. If the fabric of your bedding and pillows creates a bold statement, then it may be best to install neutral window treatments. Too many different patterns and designs can make a room look hectic.
  • Contrast colors. Using colors that contrast with other elements in your room will make a visual statement. You may wish to use white blinds that blend in with the ceiling and then choose curtains in a bold hue that will really stand out.
  • Create a focal point. Utilize bright patterns to create a focal point in your room. Melding a solid block of color with prints or patterns and then tie the look into surrounding elements, such as a rug or pillows.
  • Line it up. Keep alignment in mind when installing window treatments. Keeping curtains aligned with shades or blinds creates a balanced appearance that looks natural and clean. Also consider surrounding artwork, which should be lined up with the window treatments for a symmetrical look.
Window treatments can be mixed and matched in various ways to create a look that is truly yours. Don’t be shy about combining different treatments. If you are unsure of exactly what you want, speak with your drapery and interior design specialist for advice. With the wide variety of treatment options available to you, you are sure to create a mix of window treatments that offer the one-of-a-kind appearance that you seek.
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