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Doors with windows offer a beautiful touch to any home; however, they can offer less privacy than you’d like. Using a window covering designed specifically for your door is an effective way to provide the privacy you want. Doors that require window treatments do not need to be difficult to cover. With a little insight, you can enjoy the appeal of French doors, sliding glass doors, and front doors without sacrificing your family’s privacy.

French Doors

French security doors Shepparton (also called French windows) are a pair of doors with glass panes which typically extend the length of the door. They are often used for an exit onto a patio to connect the indoors to the natural beauty and sunlight of outside, or can be used as an entrance into a formal room, such as a dining area.If you want an aluminium security door you can contact this company through this website. French doors offer an aesthetic feature that can create a dramatic impact to any room. The difficulty that needs addressed when placing window treatments on your doors is working around the handles. Most blinds or curtains, when effectively used for privacy purposes, make the door handles hidden and difficult to access. French door treatments should match the other window blinds in the room, while enhancing the look and feel of the doors. To place blinds without affecting the functionality of the door handles, use shallow blinds that can fit between the door and the handle, allowing one to easily open and close the French doors without fumbling with the blinds.

Other considerations for French door window treatments

When covering French doors with blinds or shades, you must allow for the handles of the doors, but there are other considerations to take into account. Light Filtering - Even with blinds, you can still allow in plenty of sunlight by choosing a light-filtering option. If you’d like the ability to completely block out light, select a blackout fabric or vinyl roller shade or cellular shade. Mounting - When choosing your French door window treatment, remember that it must be mounted on the outside, since, unlike regular windows, the windows on French doors have no depth. Hold Down Brackets - When placing treatments on a door, you should utilize hold down brackets to keep the blinds or shade in place. Otherwise, when the door is opened or closed, the bottom of the blind may move.

Suggested window treatments for French doors

There are many options available to cover your French doors, each with its own benefits. Consider the following choices when shopping for French door window treatments:
  • Wood blinds - Wood blinds provide a traditional style with a variety of colors, including oak and cherry. They are available in 1” slats that should fit between your door and the handle, and the mobility of the slats offer convenient light control.
  • Faux wood blinds - Made out of either 100% vinyl or a combination of wood and vinyl, faux wood blinds are excellent for areas of high humidity, as they are designed to resist heat warping and moisture, but still maintain the look of wood. They are available in 1” slats.
  • Cellular shades - The slim size of these shades will fit against your French doors without blocking the door handle. Cellular shades reduce energy loss through the use of insulating air pockets, and they can be raised or lowered, depending on whether you want to let in light or provide privacy.
  • Roman shades - This window treatment is excellent for shallow windows and doors and provides the blackout option for those wishing to shut out sunlight. They are available in an abundance of styles, including a top down/bottom up option.

Sliding Glass Doors

Many homes feature sliding glass doors as a beautiful and functional option. These glass doors provide easy access to the outdoors as well as revealing a great view of your yard. They let in plenty of light and allow you to meld the outdoors and indoors seamlessly together in one room. People who are covering sliding glass doors with a window treatment for the sake of privacy must take into consideration the way the door slides to open. Blinds or shades must not interfere with the opening of the door or the walkway created when the door opens. Since sliding glass doors pull open horizontally, you must choose blinds that also slide in that same direction. Regular blinds pull up and down, since windows typically open in that direction. However, vertical blinds are a great option for sliding glass doors, since they, too, open in a side to side motion. Like most doors in your home, sliding glass doors may be in a high traffic area. This may be especially true if the doors lead to your patio or backyard. Make sure that the window treatment that you select for your sliding glass doors can withstand the daily use.

Other options for sliding glass door window treatments

With most sliding glass doors, you don’t need to worry about making the handle accessible, because vertical blinds can slide back, giving access to the handle. You also shouldn’t need hold down brackets, as the doors don’t swing open and closed like typical doors. If you don’t really want vertical blinds, you can also consider drapery as an option. These can be custom made to easily cover wider windows and come in a myriad of textures, colors, and patterns. Roman shades are also an option that can cover your sliding glass door and even provide blackout protection.

Suggested window treatments for sliding glass doors

There are many options available to cover your glass doors, each with its own style and appeal. Consider the following options when choosing window treatments for your sliding glass door:
  • Vertical Blinds - These window coverings are great for larger windows and since they open side to side, they are ideal for sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds allow for control of light and privacy. Formerly only available in off-white, these blinds now come in a wide array of color combinations, including jewel tones and pastels.
  • Sliding Panels - Sliding panels are popular for larger windows, sliding glass doors, or glass walls. They are available in a variety of materials in different colors and textures.
  • Vertical Cellular Shades - Vertical cellular shades offer all of the benefits of cellular shades, with the ability to slide horizontally for sliding glass doors. They are energy efficient, ideal for larger windows, and available in many color and fabric choices.

Front Doors

Because of their everyday use, front doors present a challenge when attempting to fit with window treatments. Thankfully, blinds and shades come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can be used on doors with any type of windows. You picked out the ideal door for your home. There’s no reason that you can’t prevent outsiders from peering in. Roller shades come in many styles and offer a clean appearance for your door. They have a range of hems, including straight and scalloped styles, to provide a unique look. Roller shades also provide room darkening options for when you’d like to lessen the amount of light that filters into your home.

Other considerations for front door window treatments

Many homes have sidelight or transom windows by the front door. A sidelight window is narrow and stationary and grants vertical emphasis to an adjacent doorway or larger window. A transom is along the top of the doorway, that, along with the sidelight windows, create a window arch that frames the doorway. The sidelight and transom are sometimes constructed with block glass that allows for some privacy, but without a window treatment, they still do not block out the light. Be sure to consider how the window covering appears from both inside the home and outside it. While your interior designer can help make a custom treatment for your specific needs, popular choices include window film, cellular shades, wood or faux wood blinds, mini blinds, or roller shades. Door arches provide a special problem when finding a window treatment due to their curved design. Cellular arches are an excellent choice as a window treatment because they can fan into a semi-circle and are available in a variety of sizes. You can mount them on the inside or out, depending on the surface and on the depth of the window frame, and are beautiful looking when viewed from either direction.

Suggested window treatments for front doors with windows

You have numerous choices for covering your front door to obtain privacy, each option with its own benefits. If you have sidelight windows or arched windows on your front door, you will still have a wide selection when choosing window treatments for your sliding glass door.
  • Cellular Shades - Cellular shades are a great option for front doors and are available in a large array of fabrics with different pleat sizes, colors, and textures. They are also available in a cordless variety, so you don’t need to worry about the cord getting tangled or hanging in the way and getting caught in the door. You can also use a top down/bottom up shade for your front door window.
  • Wood or Faux Wood Blinds - You may choose to cover the window on your front door with wood or faux wood blinds. These both come in a variety of styles and various shades and colors. They are durable and offer the ability to control privacy and light levels.
  • Window Film - This thin, translucent adhesive can be applied to windows to allow natural light to enter a room while providing privacy from peering eyes. The film is available in tints and designs and are easy to apply.
  • Roller Shades - These simple shades are growing in popularity throughout the United States. They soften the view of the outdoors, while offering privacy to the occupants of the house. Roller shades can be customized for a specific project and are available in a wide range of stunning colors and fabrics.

Treatments for Doors

Fitting a door with a window treatment can cause a variety of potential concerns, from managing the movement of the door to working around handles. However, these problems can all be individually handled by selecting the appropriate window treatment for each issue. You can still match the blinds, shades, or drapery with the other window treatments in the room, selecting from a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. The blinds will look fabulous whether they are viewed from indoors or out, providing a stylish house that makes you proud to call it home.
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