The Many Uses for Swag Window Treatments

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If you've never incorporatedthe use of a swag on your windows, it is entirely possible that you have missed out on one of the most classic designs known to window treatments. In the interior design world, swags have remained a constant point of elegance for centuries; and today's design trends are no less enthusiastic over their simple, yet stunning effect on a room. From Pinterest, to YouTube, swags are consistently hailed as one of window design's most popular dressings. So how canthis change your life for the better? Here are a few ideas that we believewill inspire your creative thinking, and have you dressing up your rooms and windows in no time!

The Bedroom

Most of us want our bedrooms to represent a place of relaxation. We long forthat room in the home where we can leave our cares at the door, in order to slipinto something a little more comfortable. Swags draped over bedroom windows not only soften the angular lines of a window, but also suggesta romantic ambianceto the room. Whether you choose a bold floral pattern, or go with the understated look of sheer, swags are a must for an elegant bedroom.

The Living Areas

The living areas of the home should be the most classic in design. These rooms host the many activities of family and guests; and the tone is best set with strong statement pieces that suggestwarmth, comfort, and a classic timelessness.   Swag window treatments in the color and fabric of your choosing, are a wise and beautifulchoice for these popular gathering areas in your home.

The Kitchen

It has often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With this in mind, it is important to consider adding warmth and designto a room that is usually filled with appliances. In the kitchen, swags caneasily incorporate color, while bringing graceful, or dramatic lines to a room that mightotherwise feel cold and impersonal. Dressing the kitchen windows with swags is the perfect touch for the heart of the home. While these ideas are only a few waysto make use of the timeless tradition of swags, they are certainly some of the morepopular. For more creative ideas and window treatment options, check out our swag gallery, and other design ideasthat are sure to inspire you!
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