Three Things That Automation Improves

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Futurists have been talking about automating homes since the 1980's, and, at least to a certain extent, the talk has become tangible. Swathes of furnishings and fixtures now come with controllers and motors that make their use easier and safer.The automatic homeis in everyone's reach, though you may have to start with one area of automation at a time. If you want to start automating in the areas with the biggest impact, here are three places to start.

Motorized Shades

Shades have been with us for centuries, and automation brings them into the 21st century. The patent for a motorized shade, with a controller and a tubular motor, was filed in 2005. The controller has a two-way communication system to facilitate rolling the shade. Other aspects, such as panel assemblies, were patented even more recently. This move will let you trap warm air inside and keep cold air out with a single remote control, meaning that your night-time routine of closing up for the night got super simple. This will lead to lots more closed shades at night, with all the attendant savings on money and hassle. This applies especially if you have windows in unusual, inaccessible places where you can't reach them. Windows high on the wall or floor-length windows in rooms with high ceilings look beautiful until noon hits and floods the room with uncontrollable light. They are too high to put a shade on them, and this puts a damper on architectural creativity. Automation fixes this, liberating you to have your windows and your shades where ever you like. Think of the sunlight and heat you can capture to control your heating bill: you'll be able to have a window in the exact corner that gets the light when you most need it and only when you need it. Another group who will find this revolutionary is folks with mobility issues. The remote control system allows anyone to control the shades to make themselves comfortable. If there is someone taking care of the resident, it will free up any caretakers time, so that they can concentrate on other aspects of their job.

Lighting Systems

Putting your lights on an automatic system means that you can have lights on only when you need them, and you no longer need to Luminette-Power-Riseworry about that one kid who never turns the light off when he leaves the room. Since you won't have to hunt for a switch, your risk of tripping goes down. You won't step on anyone's toys as you fumble around first thing in the morning or late at night. You will have the lights on early in the morning, when your routine requires them, and your day can start out as great as it can.

Motorized Blinds

Getting automated blinds for a room gives you total control over your lighting needs. There will be no more fiddling with pesky cords to find the correct angle for the time of day as you will be able to adjust this with a push of the button. Anyone with arthritis or just really sore hands will especially appreciate the ease and comfort involved. There is no trying to turn a skinny rod with your aching fingers.   With the cords gone, you will no longer have to figure out how to hide the knot of string by the side of the window. More importantly, there is no longer any risk that someone will get wrapped up in the cord. They won't be able to yank on it either, so you won't have to worry about the blind falling. With each of these automated systems, your home gets safer and more comfortable for everyone in the household. Plus, you will get bragging rights for your forward-thinking. Long live the Future!
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