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Dressing up your windows is much more than hanging curtains or drapes. Why not try shutters? Interior shutters can add a dramatic feature to any room, and with a wide variety of styles and options, no two rooms have to be identical—unless you want them that way! Wooden, louvered shutters are extremely adjustable allowing the homeowner to decide on just the right amount of light for both ambience and practical purposes. Wooden shutters hold in heat better than fabric curtains or blinds and can cut heating costs in the winter. In the summer, they help lower the air conditioning bill by holding in the cool air. [singlepic id=713 w=320 h=240 float=right] In addition to controlling light and heat, shutters provide better privacy options than curtains. From totally open to totally closed, and every degree in between, shutters can be adjusted to give the homeowner the exact amount of privacy desired. If you’re unsure of louvers, solid and raised panel shutters are available as well. Cleaning is the bane of every household yet shutters provide an easier cleaning solution to curtains. Curtains must be taken down, washed or dry cleaned, and re-hung. Shutters eliminate the need to climb ladders or an expensive trip to the drycleaners. Shutters are cleaned by wiping them down with a damp cloth. You save both time and money with shutters. Despite shutters being used in ancient Greece, these are not your grandma’s shutters. Today’s shutter styles fit equally well with traditional, contemporary and modern homes. From sleek, recessed installations to a pop of color or the traditional stained wood, there is a shutter style to fit your particular flair. Options include half-height, double-hung, and full height shutters. Within these three groups are paint and stain choices as well as different mounting selections. Pink or blue shutters are great for decorating nurseries while children’s rooms look good with bright primary colors. Grey or black shutters make a decorating statement without overpowering the room, and work well in lofts and modern apartments.   A little-known fact is that shutters are better for allergy sufferers than curtains. Shutters hold less dust than fabric and are easier to clean and maintain. Shutters can also increase the value of your home as they are considered a fixture that will stay in the event of a sale. Knowing now what you do, why buy curtains when you can invest in shutters? They’re a smart choice for a smart shopper.

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