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When choosing window treatments, you have a large variety of choices. If you have decided on shades for your windows in your home, you need to decide between cellular, Roman and roller or screen shades. Learning the pros and cons of each type will help you to make a choice that best suits your needs. Each of the three main categories of shades, cellular, Roman and roller or screen have different construction methods, pros and cons. Some are better at providing privacy, while others can let more natural warmth into your home with full sunlight or filtered sunlight.

Cellular Shades/Honeycomb Shades

Cellular and honeycomb shades are two names for the same type of shades for your window treatments. They give you insulation, light control and privacy on any window in your home. The open channels trap any air at the window and keep it from entering your room to provide a great insulating quality. You can choose an energy-efficient type to double the insulating value of a double glazed window. You get supreme privacy with cellular shades in a thicker material. If you choose to let filtered light inside, you can choose a sheer fabric. The shade control on this type is shade is unique, as you can choose the top-down bottom-up feature that allows you to open either the bottom or the top and leave the other half open for you to view the great outdoors. When you open cellular shades they stack neatly and in a small space so that they can even hide behind a window valance. One drawback is that either these shades are open or closed and have no in between settings.  

Roman Shades

  roman shadesRoman shades are very versatile and available in many different styles and materials to match your décor. These shades are made from fabric and are raised and lowered with a cord. You can choose a contemporary style with a flat shade or a teardrop or loop style for a more traditional style. Roman shades are long lasting and have the timeless style that few ever change out for a different type of window shade. Since you can choose any fabric you wish from a light and airy to a heavy and dark fabric, you can match this type of shade to your décor easily. Try not to choose a fabric that is too trendy, because it can easily go out of style. Roman shades soften the lines of your windows instead of having hard lines like wooden blinds. You can choose from many styles including looped, balloon, flat or dog-eared at the bottom to make your room reflect your design. One drawback is when you raise a Roman shade all the way up to the top; it makes a rather large stack at the top, which can limit the amount of light you are letting in by covering a large top portion of your window. This is especially true on taller windows. However, the larger stack may be okay in your décor, as you won’t need a valance at the top of the window.

Roller and Screen Shades

  roller and screen shadesRoller and screen shades are made in the same manner and are often grouped together. The material winds upward on a top spindle and it is concealed by cassette, kind of like a hard valance covering a few inches of the top of the window. Roller shades and screen shades are available in a large variety of light filtering materials and blackout materials to limit the light in your rooms. Both give you a cozy, warm feel to a room and are very quick and easy to operate. Cleaning these types of shades are a breeze, as you only need water and mild detergent to return them to the new appearance. These types of shades are budget friendly and are made to order. The only drawbacks are that screen shades do not give you privacy at night as all people passing by can see into your home. They also don’t offer much in the way of insulation because of all the tiny holes in them. Knowing the pros and cons of all the different types of shades can help you to choose the perfect fit for your home to compliment your style.
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