6 Designer Living Room Trends That Are Here to Stay

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Homeowner's all want to have a living room that looks nice, however all do not want to choose a trend that will go out of style and need to be updated constantly. An example of this is the green and gold colors from the 1970's that became so popular the appliance manufacturers made stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers in these tones. Those colors are now a dated item that is not even considered a great color today. Instead, you can choose a few new designer living room trends that will be timeless and beautiful for any decor you have already.

Barn Doors

Barn doors that are used as interior doors have been on the designer's radars for a few years now. They have several great advantages just in the way that they are used on the interior of your home. You can save a ton of space by using barn doors as they are usually installed as a sliding door so they don't swing inward or outward of a room but merely glide from side to side next to a wall. A sliding barn door saves the ultimate amount of space in a smaller room when you use it to save floor space. You can use a smaller version in a smaller doorway or a large door or even a pair of doors for a large expansive doorway, it all depends on your living room and the size of the existing door opening. There is no need to change the doorway in any manner and it only takes a bit of hardware on the top and bottom to set the slides. Another advantage of a sliding barn door is that you can open it partially or fully to suit your purpose. Barn doors add a maximum amount of architectural interest to any room. The great news is that they are not all made of the traditional wood that fits well in a home that is decorated in a rustic or country style. You can find modern barn doors made of glass in different colors, looking much like the front doors with glass panels. The panels may span the entire height of the door or they may only be from the top partially down the entire length. These doors are so practical and functional that they will never go out of style.

Living Room Sectionals

Sectionals have come and gone in the last 100 years or so, but they continue to stay on the market for homes with lots of space. Living room sectionals can accommodate a lot of people at once for any type of holiday or event. They work well to put in a corner and stretch down both walls or they also work well in an open floor plan in which they section off two separate areas. Sectionals are built to last for many years. relieving you of the need to replace them as often as a couch or recliners. You can find them in many different styles, materials and colors to match any decor you already have in your living room.Materials to choose from include leather, fabric, microfiber, plush and textured. You can choose from two and three piece sectionals that can be put together in different formations, not as the old type that was only one piece. Many sectionals include recliners, cup holders, chaise lounges and even a sleep sofa incorporated into it.

Shiplap Paneling

Shiplap paneling has emerged again as a great designer look for living rooms. Traditionally, it's always been used as a wood paneling on the walls of a room, but now shiplap is finding its way onto ceilings, floors and as a statement wall to add interest to a room. Shiplap is easily installed and it adds architectural interest to your living room. It can add a historical vibe and a bit of vintage look to any living room. It works very well with a relaxed living room in a farmhouse or coastal decor. You can choose from rough sawn wood or milled wood for a smoother appearance. It is available in 3/4 to 1 inch thicknesses with each board being anywhere from 3 to 10 inches wide. There is a rabbet on the opposite sides of each board to allow the boards to overlap--thus the name shiplap. You can choose from a natural brown stain color, a white painted color or choose unfinished shiplap boards and paint them any color you want for a bright and cheery statement wall in your living room.

Layering Rugs

Most people just think of putting an area rug in a room on hard flooring. This has changed recently to where designers add specialty made rugs on top of carpet or they layer smaller rugs on top of larger ones for a great style in any living room. To take advantage of the full experience of layering rugs, designers use custom made rugs with decorative fabrics in many different textures and add some of the same fabric to the window treatments to tie it all in together in a living room. This designer trend works in any and all types of living rooms no matter what your decor or decorating style is. However, you'll have to take extra care of these rugs and will have to call in cleaning experts from https://superkleenservices.com/knoxville-services/pressure-washing/ at least once a month. The mixing of interesting textures shows off some color and style in a living room while grounding your space all at the same time. This technique works best in an open floor plan to create and define different areas to be distinct from each other, but it works equally as well in any living room. The best part of rug layering is that a custom rug can be any shape, color and size that you choose for your space. Don't be afraid to try the more modern fabrics that are fuzzy and warm underneath your feet. Gallery walls have been popular for many decades. The older types were of family photos to display for all to see--especially of grandchildren to chart their age and growth. Gallery walls are now usually collections of artwork to display everything you love without having to pick and choose just a few simple pieces. Gallery walls are totally customizable to be any size you wish from the smallest area on one wall to the entire wall. You can make a great statement in your living room by using shiplap on your gallery wall with a bright pop of color for an astounding display of your style and character. Gallery walls are a timeless feature that never needs to be changed, although you can add pieces to it, as you want to.

Slipper Furniture

Slipper furniture is upholstered chairs and sofas that sit fairly low to the ground and they don't have arms on them. They have a great streamlined appearance to fit in any living room decor and provide slim silhouettes and clean lines. Slipper furniture works well with just about any decorating style. One of the great things about slipper furniture is that you can change them with the addition of reupholstering them and you do not need to purchase a new piece. Custom upholstery can add color, texture and style to your living room to compliment any area. The combination of slipper furniture and layered rugs together in matching or coordinating colors and fabrics is a great designer style that is here to stay. These 6 designer living room styles are easy to achieve for any homeowner and they will always be in style, so they never need to be changed to look updated.
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