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Farmhouse rustic decorating can easily match with a modern home to bring it down to an earthly and comfortable feeling. Knowing what to add to rooms and where to add it is the key. Farmhouse decorating is a fun and exciting project for any homeowner. You can add just a few touches to any room and make it comforting and cozy all at the same time. You can fill your home with casual warmth by mixing rugged materials, homey accents and super comfortable pieces to be enjoyed by all.

Add Barn Doors

Traditional barn doors are not usually very secure so you wouldn't want to use them as a front door on your home, as wooden doors are not as strong or safe as modern front doors are. But you can add reclaimed barn doors inside your home for a beautiful rustic addition. You can add a simple top track to any doorway to hang the barn door, thus allowing it to slide open and closed over the doorway. It doesn't require any alterations to the existing doorway. Sliding barn doors work well between a kitchen and dining room, in a bedroom to use as a closet door or in an attic space for a divider.

Adding Country Style to Bedrooms

Restyling your headboard on your bed is a simple task of only adding a coat of paint to it in a country blue or having it custom covered in fabric with country blue in it. Consider some end tables on each side of the bed that are mismatched for an old world charm along with some accent pillows in a bright floral pattern that also includes country blue in the palette.

Place a Twist on Traditional Rustic Decor

Thinking back to rustic homes in the past, there was usually a fireplace in the living room and a stack of wood nearby, as this was the only heat source available. Have you ever looked at stacked wood on the ends and noticed how beautiful it is in all its natural glory? A new twist on this is to have logs cut into thin slices and mount them on a wall in any room. It will compliment any wall as a wood feature wall to bring neutral tones to your home. A wooden feature wall pairs nicely in a room with a bold color on another adjacent wall for contrast.

Add a Reclaimed Wooden Wall

Reclaimed wooden planks make a beautiful rustic statement wall in any room too. The wood is a bit thinner that it was originally due to resurfacing it to bring out the inner colors and patterns of the wood grain. The planks can be added to a wall in a horizontal manner or a vertical manner, whichever you prefer for the desired appearance.

Add Some Modern Farmhouse Style

Adding some modern farmhouse style to mix with the rustic style adds a cozy element to your home. Simple wood paneling on the walls can be painted in a bright white with the help of interior painting company in York, Pa, to brighten up a room or a darker color to give a neutral colored room some depth.

Add a Rustic Barn Book Reading Knook

This is one of the coziest ideas to add to your home. It adds style to a window seat when you add shelves on both ends made of reclaimed barn wood, especially if you can find the wood with knotholes for personality. Store your books on the shelves and add a country plaid print cover to the mattress along with matching curtains to close when the sun is too hot while you can read your books in peace and quiet.

Unfinished Plywood Walls

Plywood on your walls is a simple way to add some rustic flair to any room in your home. Instead of staining the plywood, leave it in its natural color or finish it with a coat of clear varnish to protect it, but to retain the natural finish and color.

Rustic Brick Walls

You can bring a rustic appearance to any room by using brick walls with mortar in a lighter color to make a contrast. Adding wooden ceiling beams makes this even nicer and authentic in appearance. What could look more rustic in a room than a reminder of the schoolhouses in the olden days with bright red bricks and white mortar?

Plywood Bookcases

Simple plywood bookcases look great in a bedroom or a living room. You can also add some plywood storage cabinets with open shelves in your kitchen or bathroom for a bit of rustic appeal.

Embrace the Shiplap

Shiplap adds a bit of modern farmhouse to your home. You can use it on the walls or the ceiling and paint it a bright white so all the elements of it can be seen easily. Click here to get the Cost To Paint A house. Staggering the shiplap in varying lengths also gives a room more personality and makes it a bit more rustic.

Combine Rustic, Glam and Mid-Century Style

These three styles are stunning when they are put together properly in one room. Add floor to ceiling sheer drapes on the windows in a room and then add the same type and color of drapes on an adjacent wall that also span from floor to ceiling. This works well in a bedroom with a faux bearskin rug on the floor and an old cedar chest at the foot of the bed. You can also use this idea in a living room to capture everyone's attention.

Add Decorative Accents

For a simple farmhouse rustic appearance, you can just add a few decorative accents to a room. Think an old horseshoe hanging on the wall or hollow table lamps with the bodies filled with marbles or colorful pebbles of any type.

Add Plaid Details

Everyone's grandma had a plaid tablecloth in the old days. Plaids are considered a farmhouse print and are still very popular. You can add plaid fabric window toppers with matching throw pillows in either the living room or a bedroom for a cozy feeling. Instead, you may decide to reupholster your dining room chairs in a pretty plaid print and have a matching table runner down the center of the table.

Add the Z's

Barn doors of old were very heavy and often had the letter Z on them to help hold them together. You can simply add the letter Z on your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors to add some old country goodness to your existing cabinets.

A Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse would not be a farmhouse without the iconic old world farmhouse sink. This is also called an apron sink as the front apron extends lower down than the cabinet edges. Have you ever noticed you can tell when someone recently washed dishes because the bottom of their shirt is wet? This was where the farmhouse sink came into play--it keeps you dry while you do dishes. Before you start a kitchen remodel and install your farmhouse sink, make sure you plumbing systems functions properly. If you need boiler room equiptment you can hire professionals to help you out. Check out this source to fix any plumbing problem. Professional plumbers can also help with plumbing tasks like drain cleaning, tankless water heater installation, etc. These ideas can give you a great starting place on how to add a bit of rustic farmhouse style to your home or how to revamp it on a bigger scale.
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