Advantages of Decorating an Office Room’s Windows

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Shopping for window treatments isn't quite as exciting as looking at big screen televisions and home stereo systems. Homeowners tend to choose one solution for the entire house. While this may be quick and easy and can even save money, it doesn't always make for the best solution functionally or design-wise. Instead of taking the one size fits all approach and ordering room after room of blinds or shutters, consider these advantages ofdecorating your home officewith its own special scheme:

Energy Efficiency

Low-E glass can keep out the heat of a punishing Florida sun, and double pane windows protect against the cold of a New England winter. If your home does not have these features, then choosing insulating window treatments should be a top consideration. You spender lot of time in your office of you work from home. Both shades and shutters can do double duty and help with heat and air bills as well as add color and style to a room. When shopping consider how important energy efficiency is and whether your window treatments can help.


If you live on a busy road, on a ground floor, in a hi-rise condo tower or literally have neighbors within spitting distance, then full coverage window coverings are a necessity. There are models that let you see out while still keeping your movements inside hidden from prying eyes. Window treatments also protect your valuables as thieves can't scout out your property and determine the location of pricey electronics. If people can see into your home office, then make window coverage a priority in your quest for the best decoration. Have experts handle and manage your rental property for you find out at their blog and know how.

Light Diffusion

Some homeowners prize lots and lots of natural light but all that sunshine comes at a price when a computer screen is involved. There's nothing worse than a glare. The proper choice of window treatment can insure the best of all worlds. Pull the shade for a bright airy feel during the morning and perhaps a view of a lovely pool or garden. When it's afternoon, a quick pull lets the shade down, and lets you finish your work without squinting at your screen.


Window treatments aren't just about the functional and practical considerations listed above. They can be a focal point of a room and tie together disparate styles. Window treatments can soften the hard lines of minimalist Scandinavian furniture or add a modern industrial edge to a room full of antiques. It is also easier to see more about PTI Office Furniture and see if you find something that might suit your office space. While some people prefer traditional looks, it's entirely possible to mix things up and make an unexpected choice for the windows. Our consultants can work with you to achieve a look you're comfortable with and that works for your design sensibility. Decide on a look or feel for your room and we'll suggest the best window treatments to carry it off.  


Window treatments aren't just about form and function. They can brighten up a drab room with a splash of color and help balance patterns and prints in upholstered furniture. Blinds, shutters and shades all come in a range of fabrics and finishes. Whether your taste is for a simple clean white or a dark mahogany, there are a number of options available to give your room a pop.


Worrying about cost can take some of the fun out of shopping, but it is important to have some semblance of a budget before making too many decisions. Your designer can help balance which items are worth splurging on and when to keep it simple. Choosing office window treatments doesn't have to be a chore or boring. Use this list to take stock of what your needs are and then contact us. We take the guesswork out of the equation and make sure your home office looks its best while still taking into account all the practical considerations that this investment entails.
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