Blinds or Shades? Choosing the Best Look for Your Space

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A goodwindow treatmentcan really pull a room together, not to mention cut down on your energy bill, but choosing one can be daunting. There are so many options available, each subtly different, that you may find yourselfspoiled for choice or just plain confused. In particular, people tend to think of blinds and shades as more or less interchangeable, especiallyif what both words call to mind for you are the utilitarian, white vinyl versions of each. But blinds and shades are now available in a wide range of styles to suit every room. Here are a few of the most popular. Modern shades (also known assolar shades) - Modern shades are made of a coarse fabric that's sturdy, but also diaphanous. Unlike traditional shades that are designed to block light out entirely, modern shades soften and color light, all while blocking harmful UV rays. They don't compromise on privacy, either; usually, they allow you to look out of a window, but not into one. Consider them for living rooms or other public rooms if you want the space to feel intimate, but not too dark. They're also great for reducing glare on your TV or computer without making the room seem like a cave. Venetian blinds - Sunshine Drapery offers a wide variety of wood and faux wood blinds, which have three major advantages over the cheaper vinyl ones. First, they're sturdier by far, which should come as welcome news to anyone who lives with a toddler or a cat - no more living with snapped-off ends or bent slats. Second, the thick, dark material is better at blocking out light completely, which makes wooden blinds ideal for bedrooms. Third, the warm, natural color goes well with almost any color scheme. And just like any other wood, you can just vacuum them or wipe them down with a damp cloth for easy cleaning. But you also need to learn a bit more info here about the kinds of resins you must have at hand to maintain the condition of the wood - you can also buy mica powder. You can do so by navigating through the sections on this page. Epoxy resin works the best as varnishing material and you might want to learn about the same.   Vertical blinds - Vertical blinds are, quite simply, blinds in which the slats run from top to bottom, not side to side. They can rotate to open or close, or be pushed to either side of the window. Vertical blinds are usually made of resin-backed fabric over a metal frame, making them sturdy, but also translucent. You can buy casting resin to go about this job. Because of that combination, many homeowners prefer to put vertical blinds in their patio or sunroom, where other fabric treatments risk damage from weather or water. We also offer vertical blinds in solid plastic, which darken the room more completely. Plastic blinds are also easier to clean. Room-darkening shades - Room-darkening shades are roller or cellular shades that are made out of thick fabric, woven wood, or bamboo. They block out much more light than solar shades, making them ideal for bedrooms. Their mainappeal is the wide variety of looks in which they're available, suited for every space and every taste. Check out our selection. Check out more posts aboutroller and screen shades.

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