Cellular Shades: Options for Decorating Your Home

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Large windows often provide glorious views and plenty of light. However, during the summer months, copious amounts of sunlightthrough windows quickly warms a home beyond comfort. During the winter, keeping cold weather from affecting the interior temperature of a house also poses challenges for some homeowners. Cellular shades are a smart option to help regulate the temperature inside a home and enjoy natural light. When considering cellular shades for decorating the rooms in your home, it helps to think about their appearance and functionality:

Color tone

Cellular shades feature muted and earth-inspired tones, such as light beige and moss green, in addition to simple white options. The light colors of the shades allow light to come through, and the color options match a variety of interiors.display-9

Potential Cost Savings on Heat or Air Conditioning

The layered design of cellular shades offers insulation from the elements outdoors. In addition, it's possible to choose from varying degrees of opacity when buying cellular shades. Instead of waking up to an overheated bedroom in the summer or an uncomfortably cold bedroom in the winter, cellular shades help to mitigate noticeable fluctuations in temperature.  

Simple, No-Fuss Appearance

These shades open and shut from top to bottom easily for quick light adjustment. The accordion designprovides a quiet, subtle window treatment for various styles of homes. They are also sold in customized sizes for various windows throughout the home. It's recommended to choose cellular shades without cords if living with young children. Cellular shades are also efficient in kitchens and living rooms where natural light is a much-appreciated part living spaces. For more information about the window treatments offered by Sunshine Drapery, browse our site.
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