Designing a Master Bedroom Retreat

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Your master bedroom should be your refuge. It should be the one place where you can relax and unwind atthe end of your day. A true retreat will combine comfort, beauty, and practicality, custom-made to fit your personal taste. Not sure where to begin decorating the bedroomof your dreams? Use this simple guide to assist you in your quest.

In-Home Design Consultation

If decorating is not your forte, or if you don't have the time to plan your design completely on your own, you can schedule a free, in-home consultation with an interior designer. Make sure to share information about yourself. For example, do you read in your bedroom? What colors do you like? Allowing the designer an insight to your tastes and habits will give them the capability to show you products and fabrics tailored just foryou. The designer will provide you with samples and ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Choosing the color scheme for your master bedroom retreat can be overwhelming. Here are some suggestion for how to begin choosing your color palette:

  • Look for an inspiration piece. Do you have a painting that you love? Is there a piece of furniture that has sentimental value? What about a vase or statue that inspires you? This may be something you already own, or an item that you find while browsing the internet or walking through your favorite shops.
  • Think about color. Do you have a favorite color? Do certain hues calm you or make you happy? Does a certain color bring back a precious memory from the past?admin-ajax (9)
  • Look at fabric swatches. Just thumbing through the pieces of material may trigger a "This is it!" response from you. Can you picture using a certain fabric as the basis for your oasis?
  • Go to a paint or hardware store and look at paint chips. Choose the ones that catchyour eye and bring them home. Place them all over your master bedroom so that you look at them for several days. As you walk by them each day, try to take away the ones that you don't picture as being suitable until you are down to just a few selections.


Custom bedding is the perfect way to set the tone for your master bedroom sanctuary. Here are some advantages to having your bedding specially made for your bedroom, especially from experts when you redirect to Sleep Essentials:

  • Department store or mass-produced bedding is not sized to fit your exact mattress. Often the bedskirt will be too long or too short. The comforter, quilt, duvet or coverlet may not reach the end of the bed or hang too far over the edge. Customizing your bedding ensures that everything fits perfectly.
  • By choosing your own fabric and design, you don't have the same bedding as your friend or neighbor who shopped at the same department store. You will have a unique design like no other.


There are so many choices for window treatments. Do you want blinds? Shutters? Curtain panels or valances? Shades? Motorized window treatments? How do you decide?

  • Blindsand shades give you complete window coverage and privacy. They also will help to increase your energy efficiency.
  • Shutters are a unique window alternative. They give a room a well-manicured, clean look. Shutters are available in a wide variety of colors and materials.
  • The ultimate luxury in window treatments comes in the form of motorized window treatments. No more going to every window to open or close your window coverings. Just simply flip a switch, use a remote, or operate from your computer.
  • Custom draperies and curtains grant you the freedom to choose from hundreds of styles and thousands of fabrics to finalize the decor of your gorgeousmaster bedroom haven.

Add some beautiful accessories around the bedroomto complete the look. Bring your color theme, bedding, window treatments, and accessories together to create the perfect master bedroom retreat that you will never want to leave!

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