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Many homeowners and renters have found that it’s difficult to be happy or at least content in a space that isn’t pulled together. Mismatched furniture, unimaginative window treatments and dull or neutral paint schemes tend to make many people dissatisfied and restless. For example, the young person just moving out of Mom and Dad’s house can’t always spend hundreds of dollars on décor. The best they can do is match dishes and coordinate the bathroom linens with the shower curtain. It’s funny how even that little bit of matching can produce contentment. What about the homeowner who is considering a makeover, or the homeowner just moving into his or her new home? How can you create if you don’t know what’s at your disposal? That’s where we come into the picture. Allow us to explain soft valances, upholstery and window treatments with all their possibilities.

Matching Furniture

Many homeowners who are looking for experts like this basement renovation company to help when it comes to inherit furniture from parents and grandparents. Siblings redoing their own home often give their furniture to the nearest sibling when they buy new furnishings. College kids with dorm room furniture usually drop it off at Mom and Dad’s house on their way to new beginnings. Pulling it all together for a fresh new look is as simple as reupholstering said furnishings. To pull it together a little further, nothing says chic so much as soft valances in matching or color-complementing fabrics. These can be attractively draped over shades, blinds, plantation shutters or even draperies. Consider draping these valances on the wall to highlight antique sconces or perhaps home décor sets of candles in holders, mirrors and picture frames over a small shelf. Very few places create custom furniture anymore. Homeowners seeking new furnishings in their redo or their new home should consider a company who makes furniture to your specifications. Styles, materials, cushion stuffing and uses are at your disposal. Need a window seat with cushions? Not a problem. Could you use a tea table or coffee or occasional table? We can do that. Professional designers will consult with you to determine what pieces are needed, how they will be stained, covered or otherwise manufactured, and then matched up canstockphoto2152188with the perfect fabrics for your window treatments. Go ahead, create!

Coordinating the Bedroom

We flop onto our beds at the end of a stressful day in search of relaxation, calm and eventually restful sleep. Some find this difficult when they are surrounded by unappetizing colors, fabrics and furnishings. How marvelous would it be to flop onto a sinfully thick comforter the exact color or pattern of which you’ve always dreamed? Perhaps reading a book curled up on a comfortable chair before slipping off into the Land of Nod would be pleasant. Toss in attractive window treatments in colors and fabrics matching those of your dreams, and you have a recipe for relaxation, calm and restful sleep. Valances in this scenario would droop charmingly from the windows, drape over a four-poster bed or complement the vanity in the attached bathroom in addition to highlighting the bathroom window. When homeowners go custom, they get not just their dreams made manifest, but they get tailoring as well. What we mean by that is not one size fits all. If one partner requires more blanket than the other, then custom bedding will take care of that. Does one partner need more pillows than the other? We can help. Perhaps that chair for reading should be overstuffed in the case of the reader with a bad back. Our designers will handle it. Do street lights shine in the bedroom windows at night? We can put backing on your choice of draperies or devise blackout curtains in your colors and patterns that will do the trick. Tailoring things to your needs is what we do, so go ahead, create!  


Kitchens are one of the first things to be remodeled. Remodel contractors and new builders have come to the conclusion that kitchens need natural light, too, so they’ve begun putting them all over the kitchen. Since most kitchens face south or west, in our experience, they garner quite a bit of light and heat. Valances in this instance would help block the harmful rays of the sun in the mornings, while the blinds, shades or plantation shutters they rest atop are adjusted for maximum light. Of course, if the kitchen is located on a side of the house with a northern exposure, just using prettily draped valances would give the kitchen a bit of dash while allowing natural light to shine in. No more using task lighting for prepping the vegetables. No more using pendant lighting while the kids do homework at the kitchen table. Creating sometimes needs a helping hand. When you want to bring your dreams into reality, when you want to rest upon furniture tailored to your needs, and when you want to work with professionals, seek out the company that does all of that in one place.
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