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Western decorating is easy to achieve for every room in your home. It can be accomplished with a few different accents and in old western, contemporary western or modern western--because there are several different styles. Whether you live in the west and want to pay tribute to your ancestors or if you are just in love with old John Wayne movies, you can transform your home into a western theme. Most homeowners don't realize how many different styles of western decor exist. Here are some ideas to get you started in your western theme.

Basic Materials of Western Themes

The basic western materials are stone, metal, wood and leather. Also, deer antlers and birch bark are considered definitely western in style. Shades of the color palette is usually honey, black and gray and borders are often in green, navy, terracotta, cream and crimson. All of the colors should combine nicely with the background that is creating your western theme. Themes that are used in western style include bears, moose, cows, oaks, pine, lakes and rivers, cowboys and most anything found in nature. The materials you use for a western theme are coarse textured and rarely exquisite, but rough and tough. For example, a couch that is leather is great, but not a highly glossy shade. Matte finishes work best with this theme. Denims, woven carpets, faux fur and tweeds are all western in nature for throw pillows or even window treatments. In case your carpet has a stain you can hire experts for carpet cleaning and stain removal. Your old carpets could also use a Steam Cleaning for Carpets to reveal their vibrant colors and designs. Wooden elements are very popular in the western style of decor including the flooring, your fireplace mantel and the hearth with bronze artifacts.

Rustic Western

The rustic western style is very rough and natural in appearance something like a muraledesign. It can include a log home with its beautiful wood, exposed beams, rough sewn walls or natural stones incorporated into the fireplace. Rustic western usually includes some decor that includes heavy wooden furniture, several throw pillows in shades of brown and terracotta and a faux hide of some sort on a coffee table or on the floor as a rug.

Classic Western

Classic western decor is much more sophisticated in its style. This works really well in say a living room with large windows. The windows would be framed with curtains on the outside of a set of bay windows and also in between each window to separate them. The curtain topper would generally be a balloon style that drapes softly over the top and the fabric is often in a crisp linen and a neutral color. The living room floor would sport an area rug in neutral tones with a few chairs and a couch facing each other in a circle with a small coffee table in the center of them. This is more of a creation of an important person from the west, which may include a soldier high in rank.

Modern Western

The modern western style is more for a person that wants to merge some modern touches with the traditional western decor. You might have a stone fireplace and mantle and have an animal skin rug on the dark, wooden floor with animal heads mounted on the walls. Comfy, overstuffed leather furniture in a warm, chocolate brown goes well with this theme. You can also add ceiling lighting with a chandelier made of antlers.

A Slight Western Touch

You can transform a modern living room to include a slight western touch to your home. Wooden floors can be made to appear to be rustic like reclaimed barn wood with a brown area rug on top. A rustic stone fireplace, an unfinished wooden table and wooden accents in a room can make it a mesh between modern and western.

Opulent Western

If you prefer opulence in your home, you can create a magnificent and sophisticated western style. The rooms are luxurious and may have a stone wall added to be the focal point of a room. A super plush rug and animal themed chairs with a zebra or tiger print on them adds class and classic style.

Minimalist Western

Many people may prefer a clean and simplistic minimalist look of western decoration. By just adding a simple wooden rocking chair to a room, you can create a minimalist western room. You may want to add a gilded mirror on the wall or gilded photo frames to finish up the look to add overall appeal.

Luxurious Western

Are you more of a luxurious person? You can achieve a luxurious western room by using dark stained wood furnishings with elegant tables, side tables or coffee tables in your living room or bedroom. The addition of a demure rug in the center of the room makes it classy. Check out more furniture ideas at LeisureLegend.

Add Some Western Decor

Western decor is plentiful even if you don't actually live in the west. Table lamps with beautifully carved wooden bases include bears, elk, moose or any other type of wildlife. If you want to westernize a room without a lot of fuss, you can simply add a western mural to an entire wall for a focal point. Groups of horses running free on the prairie with their manes and tails flying in the wind are a good choice. Authentic western style includes throw pillows made from faux cow hide in shades of brown and white to use as throw pillows in a living room or bedroom. You can also find matching end tables with the same type of covering. Western style wall hangings and decor are abundant. You can make a statement wall in any room of your home or every room in your home with wrought iron cowboy hats, cowboy boots and spurs as well as authentic appearing western artwork with magnificent backgrounds of lakes and waterfalls or sunsets with a rider on a horse in the foreground. These ideas can help you to add a bit of western decor to your home or to transform the entire home into a cowboy's haven. There is something for anyone who wants to take inspiration from western decor to remodel their home.
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