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Today’s economic uncertainty means many homeowners are looking for simple and affordable ways to give their homes a more luxurious look. And when it comes to creating lavish interiors for less the saying “beauty is in the details,” still rings true. Here are some tips for transforming an ordinary space into lush and lavish for less. Creating a lavish space means opting for richer hues. Using deeper and richer colors as general paint colors or accent colors on walls enriches the mood in any room. Choose jewel tones like amber, navy, garnet, jade or deep purples for more sophistication. Place your living room couch in front of a jade accented wall. Throw amber or garnet pillows and a navy throw on the couch to create a more opulent space. Lavish InteriorOne of the keys to creating a more upscale interior is adding texture and pattern for dimension, contrast and interest. One way to accomplish this is to use grasscloth wall covering behind an open-back bookshelf or above or below a chair rail. Made with bamboo, arrowroot, jute or cattail, grasscloth is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wallpapers. Adding a patterned wall covering to the wall behind your headboard in your bedroom is another way to enhance the room without spending a fortune. Another way to add interest and depth to a room is by simply reupholstering an accent chair. Choosing richly woven fabrics not only impacts the furniture but the look and feel of the whole room and costs much less than buying a new chair. You can do the same with your dining room chairs when you swap out the slip covers for fabrics with eye-catching patterns and textures. In your bedrooms and living rooms you can replace mundane pillows with sweater-knit pillow covers providing your space with surprising texture and dimension. Silks, wool and woven fabrics are all ways to enhance your rooms and create richness as long as you are selective with your fabrics and keep balance in mind for a look that’s stylish and sophisticated.   The finer the detail, the more luxurious your rooms will look. Besides the colors on the walls, upholstery, slip covers and pillows, there are other opportunities for adding impact to your rooms. One way is through lighting. This can be as simple as changing the light switches for all your general lighting, sconces and dining chandeliers to dimmable versions. The amount of light in the room can set the mood or tone for any occasion. Low lighting creates a richer, more formal and romantic mood, making your rooms feel more luxurious. And don’t underestimate the power of metallic finishes. Choose metallic frames for portraits, paintings and artwork rather than plain or painted wood. Mercury glass accessories on mantels, shelves, desks or end tables are one ideal way to add metallic finish to a room. But if you can’t afford to buy more accessories, you can give a table frame or lamp base a brushed metallic finish by painting it yourself. Mirrored-front tables and chests are also a great way to add luxury to any room. With a little creativity, deep paint colors, textured and patterned fabrics, lighting and metallic finishes you can transform ordinary rooms into lavish and luxurious spaces.

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