Why Reupholster Furniture?

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Furniture in your home is supposed to last a long time; but what happens if a sofa, chair, ottoman, or even your dining room seats get damaged or just simply worn down? Should you scrap these to the junk yard or give to charity and then go get new furniture? It depends on you - but a lot of furniture has some good foundation and does not need to be scrapped. If it is a piece that you spent a nice amount of money on or it is a family heirloom, we suggest you look into reupholstery and upholstery cleaning services.

Reupholstery can make pieces look new again

This craft allows for the furniture to remain in the home and match your other changes. If you are looking to have new custom draperies or curtains made, then think about having reupholstery done too. Complete the room and don’t just do one project. By reupholstering, you are extending the “life” of the furniture and in many ways transforming a piece of art. What is great about a good reupholstery person is that they will also “dig into” the core of the piece. In other words, once the old fabric is removed, the craftsperson can then dig in and see if the piece needs a new coil, foam, etc. So, its more than just putting on new fabric. What is great about reupholstery too is that you not only keep your original furniture, but you can choose from a wide assortment of fabric. A good decorator will want to look at the amount of “rubs” a fabric has and typically work with heavier weight fabric. But, many drapery fabrics are heavy in nature and can work also. Reupholstery is not for everyone and it does take time for the craft person to complete. From a price stand point, reupholstery can cost as much as new furniture from a discounter. You just need to decide in your mind what you want to accomplish and at what price. If you have antique pieces of furniture, it is advised to seek antique furniture refinishing services to avoid damaging the furniture. Remember, if the furniture you have lasted a long time, then it should last the same amount of time with a reupholstery job.
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