Is Less Really More?

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As an owner, I try to keep up with what is happening in the industry. My decorators typically are far ahead of it than I am because they are out there every day in the homes and stores and living and breathing it…this is especially true for colors. I read trade publications like our industry “Vision” magazine and there are always tips and articles and photos from decorators around the country. I am friends with the owner/publisher, Grace Mcnamara as we both are part of a group called The International Window Covering Exchange. Grace graciously sends me additional copies as I like to share this with my staff as much as they share with me and others at our regular staff meetings. My decorators and I have seen some people write as well as been to some seminars where designers are touting ..”less is more”. What exactly is this? fall-over-valanceWell, what they are saying is that one does not need to own a home where they have any valances of any kind over the windows. They say that putting a beautiful piece of decorative hardware with some panels on the side of each window will do the trick and make things look great. The bottom line is that this is true in some situations, but it cannot be a blanket statement for every situation and customer out there.   When our “Great Recession” hit a few years ago, we had many customers looking for ways to cut back spending but still wanting to utilize the beautiful work we did. Yes, back then and even now we do sell beautiful decorative hardware with side panels. We did this even before the recession spiked a little more then and remains a beautiful look today. But, it’s not a one stroke fits all situation also before , during the recession and now too! A valance doesn't have to be “gaudy” and take away and enclose a room by any means.   Also, one needs to understand the type of room and how much height is available as this will help determine where a valance is mounted. In my own home, my family and I have a bay window in the kitchen eating area. Each window has a 2 inch wood blind and that’s it!!! The reason I don’t have a valance for the bay..the ceiling is too low and putting a valance of any kind would make the room feel very enclosed in. Less is more has nothing to do with my situation as less works right with my PERSONAL SITUATION.

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