Nine Unique Tiebacks for Your Window Treatments

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You’ve decorated your home to represent you and your style from the lush carpeting under your feet to the elegant light fixture on your ceiling. So don’t settle for simple tiebacks for your curtains. Instead, consider one of these nine unique curtain tiebacks that offer a personal touch to any room.

One: Vintage Doorknobs

If vintage is your decorating style, then you might consider repurposing antique doorknobs as curtain tiebacks. The knobs may come as a single knob or a set of two, attached in the middle with a bolt. If there are two, separate the two knobs and insert a drywall anchor into the opening in the back using a screwdriver. Trim the anchor so that it is flush with the back of the knob. This will be used to attach the decorative flange to the knob and the knob to the wall. Attach the flange with ½-inch screws with ¼-inch washers. To secure the knob to the wall, place the doorknob against the wall where you would like it to sit and mark the wall through the holes in the flange. Use drywall anchors in the wall and secure the knob in place through the decorative flange with metal screws. Once installed, simply tuck the curtain behind the doorknob to showcase your vintage knob curtain tieback.

Two: Stylish Neckties

Ties comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. You can choose brand new ties or older ones that have meaning to you or your family. Using the perfectly styled necktie as a curtain tieback can bring a touch of class to a study, man cave, or really any room. Consider the fabric of the curtains which will be held back by the ties to ensure a proper match. For instance, solid drapes go well with patterned neckties and vice versa. For drapery panels with geometric shapes or floral print, consider using striped ties. You can also reach a nice balance by mixing large-scale patterns with small-scale ones, particularly if the shapes are different. The achieve the right look, simply make a Windsor knot in the tie, leaving enough space in the “neck” area to fit the entire panel. Slide the tie onto the drape and tighten as needed. There are two ways in which you can attach the tie to the wall, either using a metal hook accessory or affixing Velcro strips to both the wall and the tie to hold the tieback in place.

Three: Fresh Flowers

For a quick and beautiful change to your room, simply add fresh flowers to your decor in an unexpected way. This option allows for adding a little something extra to your home that can change daily or as the mood strikes. Use a wide fabric tieback for your curtains that matches the drapery and can be used on an everyday basis. This will be used when fresh flowers are unavailable, such as during winter months. Gather fresh flowers, either from your yard or from a florist. Trim the stems down so that they are shorter than the width of the fabric tieback. If possible, place flowers into a water tube, which can be purchased online or at a florist. This will keep the flowers alive and vibrant for longer. Tuck the water tube behind the fabric tieback so that it is hidden and the flower heads are popping out the top. Change the flowers as they begin to show signs of wilting or drying. An added bonus to this particular tieback option is that fresh flowers will scent your room with a refreshing floral scent.

Four: Picture Frames

Whether you want to honor a particular person or simply show off some stunning scenery, picture frame tiebacks make a beautiful addition to any room. This can be achieved using wide fabric tiebacks that match your drapery and most any small picture frame. Use small picture frames, 5”x7” at a maximum, and consider different shapes, such as oval or circular frames. These can be purchased at second-hand stores for relatively little money. Use a screwdriver to remove the stand, if the frame has one. Take the back off of the frame, insert the photo, then lay the fabric tieback horizontally across the glass. Next, place the back of the frame into place, locking it snuggly. Then tie the fabric into place on the curtain, securing it to the wall with the accompanying hardware. This option works especially well if you trim the photo so that it is slightly smaller than the frame. This allows the fabric to show as a matting behind the picture and helps unify the look.

Five: Leather Belts

Another fashionable accessory that can be repurposed as a tieback for your curtain is a classic leather belt. Consider the color and design of the curtain along with the thickness and shape of the belt and buckle. Wrap the belt around the panel so that it creates an hourglass shape. Mark the placement on the belt where an additional hole will need to be made, and use a hammer and nail to create it. You may need to trim the belt’s end so that it doesn’t come back around the curtain and hide the buckle. To attach the belt to the wall, create a nail hole in the back and with a screw, secure to the wall. The result is a rustic, country look that really is stunning.

Six: Extravagant Necklaces

While a belt or a tie give a bit of a masculine touch to a room, a necklace can provide a more feminine feel. Choose a necklace with a clunky or thick chain and a large medallion. Consider a cameo or something similar as the focal point. Measure the circumference of the drapery panel once it is properly gathered. Then measure the necklace and determine where the hook will need to be placed. If necessary, add a small metal connector to the necklace chain to attach the hook. Wrap the chain around the curtain panel and attach the hook to the new location determined in the previous step. Then install a metal hook into the wall behind the curtain to attach the necklace in place.

Seven: Twine Bows

Using leftover twine from your craft room to tie back your curtains offers a simple, country look for your curtains. You can leave it as a single strand or braid it for a thicker, more substantial look. Encircle drapes and tie in a bow in the front. Use a metal hook to attach to the wall in the back.

Eight: Ribbon or Lace

Ribbon is another material that can add a feminine touch to a room. There are countless styles and colors from which to choose. Select one that matches or contrasts your curtain color and tie in a large bow for a beautiful accent. Around the holidays, you may choose to adorn a thick red ribbon with a Christmas tree bulb for a festive touch to any room.

Nine: 70s Beads

Beaded curtains were popular in the 70s and still add a unique touch to any home today. If you think that a beaded curtain between rooms is too much for your tastes, but you still crave that 70s style, you can create beaded tiebacks for your curtains. Beaded rope can be purchased at a craft store, or you can obtain beaded necklaces at a party supply store. Cut the beaded rope to size so that it encircles the drapes and has at least six inches hanging on each side leftover once it is tied. Use several strands of beads, leaving varying lengths hanging for each color or style of beads. This will create a 70s style room with a classy touch. Regardless of which window treatment you decide on, you are sure to know that you have chosen a unique and creative option for your home decor.
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