Statement Chairs to Update Any Room

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All of the rooms in your home are not complete without some sort of seating. Making a chair your statement piece in a room can easily be achieved by reupholstering a chair that you already own.

Statement Chairs to Update any Room

A statement piece completes every room in your home. No matter what style you have, adding a statement piece gives each room the finishing touch and a designer quality. You can use comfortable and stylish upholstered chairs for the more traditional living and dining rooms. In addition, finish off a mudroom or kitchen with the addition of chairs that are well placed.

Choosing Your Statement Chair to Reupholster Professionally

If you already have a chair in mind that is outdated in the pattern or color of upholstery and it's comfortable to sit on, then you can make this your statement chair. The addition of new upholstery fabric will make your existing chair updated and will be the ultimate in comfort. Alternately, if you don't already have chairs to make into statement chairs, you can purchase one to make a statement chair out of. Don't focus on the upholstery that is presently on it, but on the chairs comfort and design. Uniquely shaped chairs are a great place to start, as they make a great focal point in any room. The idea is to make a chair that draws attention and also is functional in providing seating areas throughout your home. If you are redecorating your home, you can just add a statement chair for interest and possibly move the other furniture around to change its orientation in a room. On the other hand, some homeowners decide to redecorate an entire room and include the statement chair after they choose the basics of a sofa, the wall colors and tables. Your statement chair should have finishes and personality to attract the eye to it immediately while remaining slightly unexpected and bold but put together with the mood of the room in mind.

The Classic Eames Chair

The Eames chair is a recliner with arms and a matching ottoman. The original chairs were upholstered in leather and in neutral tones. This is a great statement chair for a living room or den so you will have complete comfort while watching your favorite movie on TV. You can reupholster the chair with an updated fabric and color or a brightly colored pattern in a rich brocade fabric for a truly unique experience. The ottoman can be in the same color and fabric, or you can add some whimsy with a coordinating pattern.

The Portrait Chair

A portrait chair is one of the ultimate in statement chairs. It is characterized by upholstering a chair in a solid color, which is usually a light to medium color with a bright appliqué on the front of the chair back. You can also create a statement chair with additional appliqués on the seat and on both sides of the arms on the outside of the chair. Choose the solid color of upholstery first and then decide on the appliqué. One large appliqué on the front of the chair back works great, as does appliqués on a smaller scale if you are adding them to the seat and sides. You can use a floral appliqué for a traditional living room or for a vanity chair in your master bedroom. Other appliqués to choose from can be animals such as tigers, lions or bears, greenery such as palm trees or fronds and any other item that you can possibly imagine.

The Mid-Century Modern Chair

A mid-century modern chair has a high back and very thin legs usually straight and made of metal with a metal frame. These types of chairs hold up for many years because they are structurally sound and they beg to be updated. You can reupholster a chair of this kind in a lovely velvet fabric. Velvet is lush and adds a sophisticated voice to any room. Choose a solid color of velvet that is lush and in a warm tone, such as a dark burgundy, chocolate brown or dark brown.

The Modern Fiberglass Rocking Chair

A modern fiberglass rocking chair has a molded seat with metal under the base and wooden rockers on the bottom. It is a chair that begs for a great makeover, as it appears kind of sterile on its own. The addition of custom upholstered chair pads on the seat and the back can really make this type of chair shine. You can choose any type of fabric in any solid color or pattern because your palette that you start with is pretty much a blank, white slate.

The High Backed Arm Chair

The high backed armchair has been very popular in a formal living room or a study since the 1970's. This style of chair has a very deep cushioned seating area that you sink into and just melt into the high back as well. To make it a statement chair, you can upholster the traditional covering with Sherpa pile such as you find in some area rugs, on throw pillows and in top-notch blankets. It will feel like your favorite stuffed animal from your childhood is hugging you back as you sit in it in all your glory. It's so comfortable; you may just decide to sleep in this statement chair.

The Leather Swivel Chair

A leather swivel chair is available in a huge amount of styles and is often used in a library or in an office. As it is, a leather swivel chair is nothing extraordinary or worthy of being a statement chair, however, when you upholster it in a bright print such as a bold floral, it becomes a beautiful area for seating as well as well padded seating with lots of comfort. Since these chairs are traditionally a solid color and usually in brown or black, you can choose any type of print or pattern to dress it up in style.

Ideas for Inspiration

In any room or area of your home, you can add a statement chair for interest. It especially works well if you have a room with a neutral or earth toned color. In this instance, choose a very bright colored pattern such as a bright yellow fabric with texture in it. You can use any type of a playful pattern to dress up a room on a statement chair. Consider painting a chair with a wooden frame in a whitewashed color to make it appear older and then add a plush, thick fabric for upholstery in a bright, bold or dark color to complement the white framework. You can add some minor detailing for great notability in a statement chair. If your original chair had upholstery that was smooth, you can change the new and updated upholstery to include tucks and pleats for a fashion forward piece that is noticeably new. Think about adding some trim to an otherwise smooth reupholster fabric on a statement chair. You can have piping or double piping added around the edges for an extraordinary look that would please any professional designer. Nailhead trim is a fantastic way to place accents on your statement chair. It's available in many different colors, sizes and some even have patterns on them to dress up your statement chair. These ideas can help you to complete any room in your home with a beautiful and stylish statement chair.
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