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Originally, aswagwas agreat lengthof heavy fabric draped over a heavy decorative pole. The pole was hung above alarge window or other decorative feature, so the fabric draped gracefully across the top and hung down the sides. You might imagineswags over the windows in an ancient castle throne room or on the wall behindthe throne, itself. (Okay, I know castle windows were, in reality, little skinny things that barely let in light; but this is animaginary dream castle.) Swags framed a large window or set of windows, but did not move tocover it, as drapes do. This simple, dramatic treatmentwas designed to add style, color, and a 'finish' to a room. This swag, sometimes called a scarf swag, is often placed over sheer panels or movable drapes now. Over time, the swaghas become awindow treatment style with more artistryand with stunning, beautiful forms. Some swags, rather than just draping over the ends, are draped several times over the pole crossing the window. The draping may remain casual or mayuseverymeasured, precise folds. These drapedforms, because of their shape, are called shells. The draping done with these complicated folds provides strikingvisual interest and style. Rather than an ancient castle, picturethe Presidential Suitein an expensive hotel. (Again, this is creative imagination.) The sides of the swag, where the lengths of fabric hang down, providevisual interest and variety, also. The endscan hangparallel to the floor or even just reach it. The sides though can, also, cascade in a jabot or be angled smoothly. Both sides can puddle on the floor, hang just to thefloor, or endan equal distance from the floor. The side lengths can even be unequal. There are limitlesspossibilities to swagdesign. Are you beginning to imagine the possibilities forthebig beautiful windows in your home?   At Sunshine Draperya nearly endless choiceof fabrics is available to create your perfect swag window treatment. Traditionally, fabric chosenfora swag was a medium to heavy, solid-colored fabric. Thesefabrics provide a good choice for the deep, rich folds and draping of a swag; because of theirweight and body. Light weight fabrics simply flattenwhen draped and, therefore, aren't oftensuitable. Additional colors or textures of fabric may be layered on top of the first swag fabric. A brocade or other patterned fabric in complementary or contrasting colors can be layered over the solid color, providing a rich and interesting effect. Many types of trim, especially fringe, can be used to add your own personality to a swag, also. Beneath a swag treatment, shear panels can provide a finished look and some privacy. Maybe, your window has a gorgeous view of the sunset, but your living roomneeds some protection fromthe afternoon sun. Other window treatments used beneath the swag, for example, blinds or shades can add topracticality. Now, take a window walk through your house using your creative imagination. Where do you want to highlight a beautiful view or make a creative statement with a swag?

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