Vertical Shades: Your Solution for Large Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

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Vertical shades are quite classy and stylish in any setting you may have. You can have them customized in thousands of different combinations of fabric as well as trims and even add a custom cornice at the top to hide the opening and closing mechanism as well as the header on your shades. You can also add the extraordinary innovation that is craved by everyone today--motorized window treatment. This gives you a fully customizable appearance to hand tailor to your style and personality.

Custom Vertical Shades Give you Many Options

Custom made vertical window treatments such as window cleaning Hawthorn give you a huge variety of options from which to choose. You can choose your exact level of privacy in any window or sliding glass door as well as choices from thousands of fabrics in neutral colors, bright hues, or patterns.

Vertical shades window treatment

What is Opacity?

Opacity is the amount of light that passes through a fabric or how much light comes into your home through a honeycomb or cellular shade. Sheer fabrics and cellular shades allow the most light to enter your home with the least amount of privacy. On the other far end of the spectrum, you have blackout fabrics and honeycomb shades that block almost all light from entering your space and this type of window treatment give you the most privacy of all types.

How to Choose the Right Fabrics?

All fabrics from sheers to damasks provide some level of light control and protection from outside glare inside your home. The type of fabric patterns you choose as well as the color has a significant effect on the window shade's opacity level. You can also choose a fabric in a print or shade that your love and add a privacy liner to it to increase the opacity level altogether.

A Look Into Different Fabric Opacity Levels

If you are not quite the expert on fabric opacity levels, it helps to learn about them so you don't accidentally choose a fabric that doesn't give you the privacy level you expected. There are five main categories of opacity levels: sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, opaque and blackout.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabric allows the most of the outside sunshine into your room and it softens the view gently from outside to inside your home. Sheer fabrics do reduce some glare; however, they are not designed for any privacy at all. Some examples of sheer fabrics are organza, chiffon, georgette, gauze, voile, muslin, lace, tulle and net. All of these fabrics are delicate, light and flowing and allow the most light into a room.

Semi-Sheer Fabrics

Semi-sheer fabrics allow a little less light into your space from the windows than sheer fabrics. They still don't give you much privacy but they do blur the view inside from outdoors a bit better than a sheer fabric. Semi-sheer fabrics are also considered a lightweight fabric, such as lightweight linens, lightweight cotton and lightweight hemp.

Semi-Opaque Fabrics

Semi-opaque fabrics will let in enough sunlight to give additional lighting to an area, but they also block your view outdoors and prevent passersby from seeing inside. You may not be able to see the exact people inside your home from outdoors, but you can still see shadows of objects and people. Semi-opaque fabrics are a medium weight item such as hemp/cotton muslin, medium weight linen and organic cotton or blends.

Opaque or Room Darkening Fabrics

Opaque is also known as room darkening in the wonderful world of fabrics. These fabrics will block almost all light from entering a room and they provide optimal privacy levels. You should keep in mind, that when these fabric window treatments are closed, you will most likely need more layers of lighting sources inside to brighten your space or you will need to open your shades. Opaque fabrics are a heavier weight than medium in fabric such as hemp twill and heavyweight linen.

Blackout Fabrics

Blackout fabrics give you total privacy by blocking all light from entering into your windows. You get the highest level possible of darkness from the thicker fabrics and it controls interior heat gain in the summer as well as interior cold gain in the winter for exceptional energy efficiency. Blackout fabrics are the heaviest and include hemp and cotton twill, organic cotton twill, and heavyweight linen.

Horizontal Vs Vertical Shades

When most people think of horizontal shades or blinds, the old mini blinds come to mind in a metallic finish. Vertical window treatments are a newer design than horizontal counterparts are and they look much more fashionable and up to date. Vertical window treatments were actually made to use in large windows and sliding glass doors because of the manner in which they operate. They slide side to side instead of up and down like horizontal window coverings. You can choose from thousands of fabrics on a vertical shade to match your decor perfectly. Many times, you may have a sliding glass door with vertical shades and another window in the same room with horizontal shades that are made from the same fabric and in the same color to match perfectly. But, all do not have to match anymore. You can choose the same fabric with a print for a smaller window and a solid color fabric of the same type for a highlight and contrast on the sliding glass door for a great work of art. If you want to install new glass doors in your home, be sure to work with a residential glass company to get high-quality service.

Custom Vertical Shades

When you choose custom vertical shades, you have a voice in the appearance when they are opened or closed. You can have a custom shade draw to one side or the other, in the center or to both sides if you wish. You can also add brilliant detailing to your shades with trim work and embellishments to truly make your design unique. You can also take advantage of motorization so that you can open and close your vertical shades with the touch of a button or pre-program them into your existing smart home design. Vertical shades are modern, made with quality products and opening mechanisms, and will last for many years to come. They operate smoothly and easily and you won't have half up and half down as with horizontal shades do at times. Modern times are meant for modern interior design that is all your own.
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