4 Tips to Successfully Decorating Basement Windows

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Should you worry about basement windows when it comes to window dressings and shutter? It's a great question. Depending on your use of the space, you may not find it necessary to add extra material to your basement windows. But in reality, decorating your basement windowscould enhance your space in a variety of ways. That is, of course, as long as you follow the below 4 tips.

Adjust to the Function

More than anything else, your basement windows should work toward the function you want your space to have. If, for example, you have large windows for a basement apartment, decorating your windows with curtains or shade can play a crucial part in improving livability. Similarly, using the space as a family room means you need to find window treatments that enhance the space, not take away from it. But if you use your basement as a storage area, your needs might be quite different, and your windows should reflect that need. In that case, focus on functional shades that are easy to close and block out light as needed.

Narrow Down Your Options

With the function of your space in mind, it's time to think about just how you want to decorate your basement windows. Are you looking to pull attention toward the windows, or away from them? The former might allow you to lean toward bright colors and bold patterns. The latter, on the other hand, requires simple drapes or shades that do not distract from the rest of the space. In addition, you'll want to think about alternative ways to decorate your basement windows. For example, valances can add style and function to a window without taking away from its core function - to let in light and air. Determine what exactly you want to do, so you can move forward with confidence.

Keep the Light in Mind

This one is crucial. Regardless of the function of your space, you always need to make sure that your basement windows let in enough light to enable you to perform that function.Your basement receives less natural light than any other room in the house, and taking too much away from the existing light can be fatal. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't decorate your basement windows. You should, however, choose light colors and fabrics that enable the light to come through. As mentioned above, valances can also play a part in making sure that your window, through not being completely covered, still lets in enough light.

Consider Outside Appearance

Above all, window decorations serve a simple purpose of making the space more beautiful on the inside. But don't discount their appearance from the outside, as well. Ifare looking to improve curb appeal, keeping your basement windows in mind might not be your first thought - but it could play a major role. To help in this regard, choose decorations that are easily visible from the outside. As you decide on and place your coverings, frequently check from outside the house to make sure they look as desired. Effective window decorations both block easy view from the outside and improve the look of the lower parts of your home. Choosing basement window decorations may seem simple at first. But as the above tips suggest, the process can actually be more complicated than initially thought if you want to ensure reliable success. Through adjusting your decorations to the function, narrowing your options, keeping the light in mind and considering outside appearance, you can make sure that your decorations will serve both their functional and stylistic purpose. The result will be a more beautiful basement, from both the outside and the inside.
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