Man-Caves, She-Sheds, & Pub-Sheds Oh My!

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For years it seems men have been the ones needing a space all of their own, closed off from the commotion of the rest of the house where they can decompress. Until now that is, women are joining in on the fun, and taking their turn in creating a little in-home, or on the property getaway. And their answer back to the beloved man-cave is a cozy little decked out space called a she-shed. What's more, home-brewers, whiskey-lovers, and wine aficionados aren't being left out either with their own rendition called a pub-shed. She-sheds are dripping with style: from luxurious textiles, floor to ceiling windows, carefully crafted cornices, lanterns, solar panels, to beautiful draperies. The palette of colors women are painting them is seemingly endless as well: bright white, tea green, sky blue, to lilac. Imagine your own miniature country cottage with barn-wood siding, pink window trims, and pink lawn chairs. They are everything feminine she wouldn't decorate the rest of the house with. According to Lighter Side of Real Estate,One woman said, "This is my yoga studio… and by yoga studio I mean this is where I drink wine in my yoga pants." Many women are designing tiny art studios or hobby rooms for the activities they don't have space in the house for: like scrap-booking, sewing, painting, or knitting. One woman even turned her shed into a mini-diner. The pub-shed trend is also gaining momentum as the home-brewing sensation grows stronger, and people are looking for fun ways to bring the party home. Pub-sheds are like a bar in miniature, with framed posters, TVs, beers on tap, and walls of favorite whiskeys. Some guys and gals are even decking their pub-sheds out with pinball machines, and dart boards. With just enough room for a little bar top, and enough stools to seat your friends, pub-sheds are quickly catching on.   Some couples are even calling their man-caves, pub-sheds, and she-sheds, marriage savers! The best part is they are all about you, your taste, and they're tiny. Forget a garden shed full of shovels, lawn mowers, and rakes, and add in some of your very own style with a tiny shed suited just to your liking.

How-To Create your Own She-Shed or Pub-Shed:

  • A shed from the big box hardware store makes the perfect platform, and they range in size and price tag.
  • Furniture that has been collecting dust in the attic, your kid's old day bed, or garden furniture that went out of style ten years ago will be perfect. You can re-purpose the old furniture by painting it to match your color scheme, or sand and stain it into the new perfect hue.
  • Custom Windows & drapes will take your shed to the next level and help you create that open inviting feeling to your miniature oasis.
  • Paint your shed, old furniture, and flower boxes in your favorite hues, and hold nothing back! (It's tiny, and tucked away, so even if your pub-shed is shamrock green, or Barbie pink, it's not going to offend anyone).
  • Decorate your shed and set all of your inhibitions aside; it's your getaway, and it should reflect you as much possible. Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy your itty-bitty slice of heaven.
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